We value the health and wellness of each individual and work as a team to devise a results-oriented treatment plan. Often our patients are looking for an integrative approach to healing that includes chiropractic care, acupuncture, functional medicine & lab testing, IV nutrition & supplements, and more.

Serving the Minneapolis, Uptown, and St. Louis Park communities, Dr. Carrie Getzmier, Dr. Chad Peckels, Dr. Rebecca Adamek and Dr. Jessica Peterson provide you with a whole-wellness, healing-focused and empirically-researched approach to your healthcare plan.

Respecting research, science, and holistic approaches, our experienced doctors help our patients see concrete results.  We successfully treat patients with cancer healing and prevention, specialize in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, support athletic balancing and/or injury recovery, create healing plans for adrenal stress & fatigue, GI symptoms, and autoimmune diseases, immunity bolstering, and other wellness challenges.  

Our approach incorporates balancing body, mind, and spirit.  Simply put, our patients feel better.

Lake Pointe’s Renewal Program

for Healing Cancer & Preventing Recurrence

Your nervous system controls and coordinates every single function in your body! Chiropractic Care works to restore proper alignment and function to the body by removing irritation to your nervous system.  We treat a wide range of conditions, while specializing in athletes, prenatal and pediatric care.

With a history dating back over 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest continually practiced form of health care in the world.  TCM helps to activate and maintain the flow of the body’s essential life energy, Qi, bringing the body back to health and well being.

Our Functional Physical addresses the root cause of your symptoms. Utilizing in-office lab testing and reviewing previous blood work, your doctor at Lake Pointe will create a plan for health & healing vs. covering up your symptoms with medication.

Wellness Programs


The Renewal Program, for healing cancer and preventing recurrence, is for people interested in integrating nutritional and lifestyle therapies to optimize their treatment outcomes.  

The Weight Loss Program is a physician-run, comprehensive program designed to promote weight loss, detoxification and improve metabolism. 

Other Services

Lake Pointe also offers Energy Clearing and Soma Yoga Therapy.