8 glasses a day. 1 gallon before noon. Add lemon. Only to thirst. Not too much. But definitely get enough.

How many time have you heard some quote on how much water you ought to be drinking? “More” is usually part of the equation, but when does more become to much? While most of us are not in danger of drinking too much water, it’s important to stay hydrated while also taking into account the other various needs of our bodies. Here’s a few simple pointers on how to stay hydrated in a way that is able to be tailored to your own body’s needs:

1) The best recommendation for how much water one should drink each day is 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. That means, if you weigh 150 lbs, you’re goal will be approximately 75 oz for each day. This guideline works well because it takes into account the individual body weight to determine how much water is needed for proper function. Remember that this is a guideline, so pay attention to how you are feeling and get more water if you need it and scale back just a bit if you are adrenally fatigued.

2) Balance out your water intake with healthy levels of electrolytes (minerals). This is important especially if you are recovering your adrenal health or under stress. Adrenal fatigue will use up valuable minerals in response to your body’s needs under stress; if you “over-hydrate,” those minerals will become further diluted pulling ratios out of balance. Simple ways to ensure you stay in balance are to salt your food to taste with sea salt or Himalayan salt (NOT standard table salt), drink to thirst when under stressed or recovering from adrenal fatigue, and supplement with electrolytes as recommended by your practitioner or following activity (we recommend Endura, a healthy electrolyte beverage mix available at Lake Pointe in Orange or Lemon-Lime flavors).

3) Find healthy ways to get your fluids in. Many common beverages are not healthy and actually deplete our bodies of not only water but other vital nutrients. Eliminate sodas, fruit juices (high in sugar but not paired with the fiber naturally occurring in the fruit itself), coffee (except Organo!), caffeinated beverages, and sports drinks. If you find it difficult to get water in and are craving a little flavor, try adding lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, melon, berries, or other fruits, veggies, or herbs to your water bottle; the light and refreshing flavors are delicious while the nutrients in the produce offer a bit of a boost! Another way to shake it up and get some water and great nutrients in is to add a scoop of Dynamic Greens to your water bottle. Upping your antioxidants while hydrating your body couldn’t taste more delicious!

4) Choose a better coffee or tea. As you probably know, coffee and tea are diuretics. That means they cause us to eliminate fluids from our bodies. Drinking a lot of coffee and/or tea can then lead to hydration if your water intake isn’t replenishing your water loss. In addition, regular coffee and tea often have additional undesirable side effects: caffeine jitters and crashes, heightened toxicity from additives or pesticide residues, increased acidity, or digestive upsets. Switching your regular cup of coffee or tea for Organo coffee or tea will give an instant benefit because all Organo products contain 100% organic Ganoderma, an extract that supports detoxification, clarity and calm, and is alkalizing. Because it is alkalizing rather than acidic, the Ganoderma will help prevent the loss of minerals to balance out additional acidity in the body. When it comes to coffee and tea, drink smarter.

5) Don’t freak out. Your body will let you know if it needs more water. If you feel any of the following symptoms, you may be cured with a glass or two of water: headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, confusion, or hunger. Grab a glass of pure, delicious water and sip to your health!

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