Here’s the honest truth: Staying healthy is hard work. We’re all managing the best we can but between busy schedules, stress and daily toxin exposure, we could all put more effort and focus into being healthier.

Lifelong good health takes dedication. That’s why we recommend detoxing twice a year. It’s a great opportunity to check in with yourself, refocus, and reset. We like to detox in the fall and spring, as the changing seasons are the perfect time to examine your habits and get your health back on track.

Fall Detox

We like to detox in the fall because our energy and movement is at an all time high coming off of summer. Between playing outside in the sun all day, endless excursions, and late night eating (and drinking), our bodies are burnt out, exhausted, and in desperate need of a reset.

A fall detox is the perfect chance to slow down and start to rest after a summer full of movement. As the season of harvest, fall is a great time to get back in the kitchen and start eating home cooked meals again. It’s also important to cut back on alcohol (at least before the holidays begin) and add 1-2 new lifestyle habits to carry throughout the year.

Spring Detox

Coming out of winter means you have likely been experiencing cabin fever indoors—especially here in Minnesota. Outdoor exercise has been hampered by freezing temps and icy sidewalks, and comfort foods are seemingly around every corner. It’s very easy to slip out of any healthy routine in the winter in lieu of a good exercise routine.

A spring detox is a great way to refocus your intentions and health goals by cleaning up your lifestyle. Resetting your diet and getting back into the habit of daily exercise is a great way to kick off spring.

Even though our bodies work as hard as possible to keep us detoxed every day, it’s important to give your body a detox boost twice a year to help reset and restore your body’s function to it’s maximum potential. Join us for our spring detox starting on February 25! Detox week costs $175 and includes a 7-day Core Restore Kit, a canister of Dynamic Fruits and a box of coffee or tea. We’re also partnering with other businesses in the community to bring you awesome deals to boost your detox even more – like one week free of unlimited sessions at Cyclebar! Call us at 612-922-8100 to sign up!

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