We loved this excerpt from Dr. Mark Hyman’s blog post and felt it was important to share!

healthy kids

Dr. Hyman is often asked, ( as are we..) How do I raise healthy kids?  What should they eat?

We couldn’t agree more with his advice.

“The more I noticed the cycles of nature paralleled those of humans, the easier my experience was in knowing how to feed my kids as a new father.  When every parenting book provides a different protocol, I learned to trust my intuition which took a load off my sometimes stressed-out parenting mind!”

What to Eat: Local, Seasonal and Whole Foods:

What is local, seasonal or “cool” to eat as a kid will constantly change, but the fundamentals of sound nutrition and family mealtimes are pretty much set.  Fresh, whole, real and if possible, organic food is best.  I often get asked by my patients what a whole food is.  I answer them exactly how I taught my children:

  1. How many ingredients does the food have?  There should really only be one.  A whole food’s ingredient list is simply itself.
  2. Was the food grown in a plant or did it come from one? Real food is grown on a plant, not manufactured in one!  The less processing and steps taken to transform the food is ideal.
  3. Can you picture what the food looked like in its natural state before you bought it? I can picture a chicken easily but chicken nuggets?  Model Healthy Eating- Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

What you eat, how you eat, and why you eat what you do is really important because little people are keen observers who absorb everything you do. Think of them as sponges soaking in all the details from their parents.

*by Dr. Mark Hyman



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