Post-Workout Meals


While many of us know the importance of replenishing our fluids pre-, during and post-workout in order to stay hydrated; many people overlook the importance of including a snack/small meal after exercise as part of your workout regime.

You might ask yourself, why would I want to eat more calories when I worked so hard to burn some? While it might seem counterproductive, research has shown how beneficial incorporating post-workout food into one’s day can be. A snack or small meal can resupply your body’s depleted energy levels and help muscle recovery. It is widely agreed that the best post-workout snacks are a combination of carbs and protein.

The carbohydrates help with recovering energy levels, so your body’s ability to carry out its other functions is not inhibited, and you can finish your day strong. Go for complex carbs like beans, quinoa or lentils, which slows down your digestion and helps to avoid insulin spikes. The protein portion provides important amino acids that your muscles need to rebuild muscle after it’s broken down during exercise.

Some examples of post-workout meals could be: chicken with sautéed greens, plain yogurt with almonds, or an egg omelet with veggies and side of turkey sausage.

Here are a few other recipes that you can make ahead of time to help save you time and stay on track with your new addition to your workout routine. Egg omelet muffins or zucchini cakes might be just the thing. You prep and bake the muffins and cakes ahead of time and can grab one (or two) on your way out to enjoy after your workout.

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