poop pageant

Here’s a pageant of a different kind! Check out the contestants in the Poop Pageant! Do you identify with one of them?

Perhaps you’re Ms. Muscles? Your digestion may improve with more frequent elimination.
Or Ms. Rocky? A key nutrient can soften her up!
Have you been seeing more of Ms. Runny lately? This may signal high inflammation.
Ms. Swim Team could be a sign that your body isn’t digesting fats very well.
Had enough of Ms. Show Off? She may be showing you that your body isn’t producing healthy levels of digestive enzymes.
Has Ms. Toxic been hanging around lately? Get rid of her for good by following a detox protocol!
If your elimination has been anything other than (Ms.) Ideal, call 612-922-8100 to schedule a 15 minute consult with your doctor at Lake Pointe to determine the best plan to improve your digestion!

content and image adapted from http://balancedbites.com/

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