Information on Vaccinations

|Informed Choice

vaccineDeciding whether or not to vaccinate your child may be a difficult decision. Parents are constantly being told in doctors’ offices and through the media that vaccinations are the only way to keep their child safe from disease. Unfortunately, parents are not informed about the safety concerns and lack of efficacy of vaccinations. You have a choice.

  • Are you truly making an informed decision when it comes to vaccinating your child?
  • Have you ever had questions regarding vaccinations and the flu shot?
  • Did you know there are alternatives to the “standard” medical vaccine recommendations, including not vaccinating?

Most of the pressure to vaccinate is based out of fear. Several diseases that vaccinations are supposed to protect against were eradicated before the introduction of the vaccine due to improvements in hygiene and sanitation. Many of the “newer” vaccinations actually have a higher risk of serious side effects than the risk of the actual disease.

|Safety vs. Side Effects

Today’s vaccines are filled with toxic chemicals including aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, ammonium, phenols, glycerine, lead, acetone and polysorbate, to name a few. Vaccines are proven “safe” during clinical trials utilizing a flawed methodology. Potential side effects are not compared between vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, but between groups only receiving additional or fewer vaccines. As a result of this methodology, parents are misinformed and hear biased statistics.
In our office, we often see the negative side effects of vaccines. Children present with a suppressed immune system, showing symptoms of chronic colds and infections. They are also more susceptible to asthma, allergies, hypersensitivity and mood changes.

|What about School?

Are you concerned that your child cannot attend school without being vaccinated? Although this commonly told to parents, it is not true. Although Minnesota state law appears at first glance to require all vaccinations, Statute 121A.15, Subdivision 3 (d) states differently.

|Educate Yourself!

One of the best ways to become educated is to learn from professionals who have dedicated their careers to researching vaccinations. Dr. Brian Boyd, at Y Chiropractic, is an amazing local resource with bi-monthly classes entitled: “How Vaccinations Affect Your Child’s Immune System.”  A great documentary on vaccinations is the movie, The Greater Good.

The following websites allow parents to read information they could not readily find on their own.

Ultimately the choice is yours, so please make an informed one.

|What if I choose to Vaccinate?

If you choose to vaccinate, make sure you know the answers to the following questions.

1. Is my child sick right now?

  • Vaccines should never be performed when a child has a fever, suppressed immune function or cold/flu symptoms.

2. Has my child had a reaction to a vaccine before?

  • Signs of a vaccine reaction include tenderness and/or swelling at injection site, fever (severe or mild), irritability, unrelieved crying and/or high-pitched cry, limp / decreased muscle tone, unresponsiveness, marked increase in sleeping time, skin rashes, joint pain and aching, seizures or convulsions, anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock, abscess or infection at injection site and developmental delays or changes.

3. Does my child have a family history of: Vaccine reactions, Convulsions, Neurological Disorders, Severe allergies, Immune system dysfunction?

  • Vaccines further compromise immune and nervous system function.

4. Do I know how to report a vaccine reaction?

5. Do I know the vaccine manufacturer’s name and lot number?

  • Always keep a written record of exactly what shots/vaccines your child received, including the manufacturer’s name and the vaccine lot number should a reaction occur.

6. What can I do to minimize any side effects?

  • Talk to your doctor at Lake Pointe regarding protocols to reduce the toxic effects of vaccines and enhance your child’s immune function.