Worried about your health when traveling? Prevention is always idea! There are many ways to super boost up our immune systems! Let’s make our bodies the most resilient they can be, to anything they come in contact with. Make sure you are purchasing high quality, pure nutrients. There is a big difference in what’s out there! Look for GMP certified, purity and potency guaranteed. We don’t recommend purchasing on Amazon due to too many issues with counterfeit products.

Nutrient Recommendations

Recommendations are for a 120-150 lb. adult.  All nutrients are safe for every age, adjust dosing according to size.

Vitamin C 

We recommend Xcellent C by Xymogen

  • Prevention: 1000 mg 2-3x day
  • When Traveling: 4x daily
  • Onset of any symptoms: 500mg every other hour. If loose stools occur, spread dosing to every 3 hours.

Vitamin D3

We recommend D3 10,000 + K2 or D3 liquid by Xymogen

  • Prevention: 1,000 IUs per 20 lbs/body weight take loading dose for 1 week if you haven’t currently been taking it. (loading dose = 3x regular dose)
  • When Traveling: 4x regular dose
  • Onset of symptoms: 4x regular dose until symptoms are 100% clear.

Zinc Glycinate

We recommend Zinc Glycinate by Xymogen

  • Prevention: 1 capsule daily
  • When Traveling: 1 capsule 3x daily
  • Onset of symptoms: 1 capsule every 2 hours until symptoms are 100% clear.


We recommend Ganoderma Lucidem by Organo

  • Prevention: 1 capsule 3x day
  • When Traveling: 9 capsules daily, split into at least 3 doses
  • Onset of any symptoms: 1 hourly for 2 days, then every other hour.

Ganoderma is infused in Organo’s line of coffee, teas, cocoa as well, upgrading your daily habit to one that boosts your immune system is a great idea.  Kids can do the cocoa, red tea or protein shake.  The shake can be also packed with other great nutrients; frozen fruits and veggies, probiotics…

Virapel or Kids Cold

Powerful anti-viral, immune booster herbal blends by Weed Botanicals

Kid Cold – 1 dropper (2 squeezes) per 50 lbs.*Dose down based on weight for your children
Virapel – 1 dropper (2 squeezes)

  • Prevention: 1 dose, 2x daily
  • When Traveling: 1 dose, 4x day
  • Onset of any symptoms: 1 dose hourly for 2 days, then 1 dose every other hour.

Thieves Essential Oil

A super blend of antiviral, antibacterial essential oils

This comes in:
– Hand soap
– Spray that can be used on your body and surfaces
– House cleaner
– Hand sanitizer
– High potent oil that can be diffused in the air, applied to bodies and consumed orally.

This is a much better option than antibacterial soaps and wipes because this only kills the “bad bugs” and helps boost the immune system!

  • Prevention: 1 drop on chest or throat 2x day
    *Sensitive skin: can apply to feet or dilute. Dilution = 10 drops per tablespoon of another oil like almond, coconut, avocado, olive, jojoba. This can be used as a chest rub also.
  • When Traveling:
    – Spray everything around you; tray tables, arm rests, your seat… (Yes! Be that person on the plane! People will thank you.)
    – Spray in mouth and on hands throughout the flight.
    – 1 drop on chest
  • Onset of symptoms: 1 Drop on chest (or diluted chest rub) hourly for 2 days, then every 2-3 hours until 100% better.

Lifestyle: Food, water, rest, mindset

Food: Stock up on nutrient dense foods.  Bone broths with lots veggies. Consume many different color fruits and veggies daily, they are packed with all kinds of good things for us!

Avoid sugar!  Sugar actually decreases the immune system!

Sleep: Listen to your body, rest when tired, don’t overschedule…The average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep/night, kids need 9-11+

Water: Drink at least ½ your weight in ounces of purified water daily + healthy drinks

Mindset: Focus on what you want vs. fearing what you don’t want. Check in with yourself daily. Teach your kids how to do the same. See in your mind what you want.  Check out some guided meditation apps!

Exercise: Listen to your body, move in a healthy way everyday. Break a sweat. If tired, do a rest and recovery workout vs. pushing through…


  • Get adjusted! Preventatively and at any onset as well as before and after you travel.
  • Acupuncture session
  • Immune Support IV with Vitamindrip
  • Far infrared sauna
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