Functional Physical

Give your annual physical a face-lift and schedule a FUNCTIONAL physical.

In addition to the familiar blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride numbers, your doctor at Lake Pointe will review previous blood work, perform a BioImpedance Analysis and complete in-office urine and saliva testing to evaluate adrenal health, toxicity, inflammation and pH balance, which are important bio-markers in determining health and analyzing risk for disease.

With individualized nutritional protocols, you will begin to heal your body and see results. Chronic dis-ease does not always require a chronic pattern of prescription drugs and masking of symptoms. Rather, the science of functional medicine will provide your body the necessary nutrients to change your cells, eliminate symptoms, and make choices toward lasting lifestyle change to express and support a healthier you!

Your 75 minute Functional Physical includes in-office testing and consultation with your doctor to analyze the results and formulate a plan for revitalization tailored to your health needs. The Functional Physical is at a cost of $525. This fee does not include any supplements or products that your doctor may recommend for your treatment. Supplements, products, additional testing, and follow up consults are at an additional charge; these costs will vary dependent upon each individual patient and their needs and prescribed plan. As with all nutritional care provided at Lake Pointe the Functional Physical is a non-covered service under any insurance plan and the full cost will be patient responsibility. Payment is due upon receipt of services. Some HSA, HRA, and/or FSA’s will allow healthcare dollars to be spent for these services; please refer to your individual plan to determine your eligibility. We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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