Functional Physical

Give your annual physical an UPGRADE and schedule a FUNCTIONAL physical.

Lake Pointe’s Functional Physical is for people interested in finding the root cause of their symptoms (or disease) and using nutritional and lifestyle therapies to heal their body. The Functional Physical is a 75-minute appointment that includes a comprehensive history and evaluation of multiple test results (both from previous blood work & other test results and our in-office tests).  After reviewing your history and test results, your doctor will create an individualized program to heal your body.

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Why Functional Medicine at Lake Pointe?

The care at Lake Pointe is different from what you will experience with your medical doctor and other providers.  Rather than looking at each system independently and going to several different “-oligists”, functional medicine reveals how each system of the body can impact the whole to address digestive imbalances, adrenal stress, chronic inflammation, toxicity and/or hormonal disturbances to are barriers to your health. The doctors at Lake Pointe combine 20 years of education and experience to find the root cause of your symptoms and create an individualized plan specific for you.

For all new patients to the Lake Pointe (or current patients with a new diagnosis or symptom), we recommend starting with the Functional Physical.

What tests are part of the Functional Physical?

In office testing includes:

  • Blood work to measure your Lipid Panel and Hemoglobin A1C
  • Urine and saliva testing
  • Body composition
  • Antioxidant Status
  • Omega 3 Level and Omega 6:3 Ratio

This combination of tests gives the best objective measurements of your toxicity, adrenal stress, overall inflammation, cellular health and acidity within your body.

What other lab tests do you offer?

Additional testing can be indicated to learn more about your body and the primary cause of your symptoms and/or disease process. Some of the other tests the doctors at Lake Pointe also utilize include:  the OAT (Organic Acids Test), the Dutch Test, SpectraCell’s Cardiometabolic testing and comprehensive blood testing with LabCorp.

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Is Functional Medicine evidence based?

Absolutely! Functional Medicine utilizes objective lab testing (both from your medical doctor and our office) to determine the cause of your symptoms and disease.  At Lake Pointe, we use combinations of nutrients/supplements and other healing modalities to heal your body vs. using medications to decrease or cover up your symptoms.  The care we offer is based on science and referenced at:

How long is the course of treatment?

Depending on your diagnosis and how long you have had your symptoms, your healing time varies.  Once you are feeling better and your test results are in a healthy reference range, a preventative/maintenance program will be established.

Does insurance cover Functional Medicine?

The Functional Physical, consultation time and in-office testing are non-covered services under insurance plans, therefore patient responsibility.  Payment is due upon receipt of services.  Patients are often able to submit receipts for HSA reimbursement.  We accept cash, check, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

How much does it cost?

The Functional Physical is $525, which includes a 75-minute appointment, review of previous blood work/tests you have done and in-office testing.   Often times, the Drs. recommend a supplement plan to help you heal and feel better faster – the recommended supplements for your healing will be an additional charge, which can vary from $300-$800 based on what your body needs.