Weight Loss / Metabolic Reset Program

Lake Pointe’s Metabolic Reset Program is a comprehensive program designed to promote weight loss, detoxification and improve metabolism. The appropriate client can expect to lose 15 to 30 pounds of adipose tissue (fat) and bloat without decreasing muscle mass.

As a physician-run program, every potential patient is required to complete a wellness evaluation to ensure that they are an ideal candidate for the program.  Wellness evaluations include detailed a consultation with lab testing and must be completed before beginning the Metabolic Reset Program.


The Met Reset Program is a 70 day lifestyle commitment.

In Phase 1 (21-40 days), the focus is on losing adipose tissue, which stores toxins and promotes dis-ease.  Adipose tissue also acts as an endocrine organ; stimulating inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormone imbalances.

In Phase 2 (30 days), patients expand on the new habits they learned in Phase 1 and gain the knowledge and tools to continue healthy lifestyle changes and maintain their weight loss.

The Met Reset Program will allow you to:

  • Be guided by personal physician weekly check-ins.
  • Be inspired to make healthy lifestyle and food choices.
  • Be motivated by local co-sponsored fitness studios to start or increase your exercise program.
  • Be the Lifestyle


How it works…

The Met Reset Program functions on a guided diet plan in conjunction with the use of the homeopathic remedy hCG to aid your body in metabolizing stored fat, resulting in weight loss.

What is hCG?
hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients are delivered to the developing baby. hCG triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as “food” and energy.

Why do we use hCG Plus homeopathic?
hCG Plus is a homeopathic remedy produced using a process which leaves only the energetic imprint of the original substance, thus allowing the substance to work in the body on an energetic level producing the same results as the original substance.

Other low calorie, restrictive diets send your body into “starvation mode”, slowing your metabolism, causing fat storage and promoting muscle loss. Lake Pointe’s Metabolic Reset Program is different because it utilizes hCG Plus and other nutritional supplements—coupling detoxification support with weight loss to ensure optimal results.

Although your new weight is established in Phase 1, long term success is achieved in Phase 2. Since your body will not need the extra calories it required before to sustain the excess adipose tissue (fat), your food intake will now be reflective of the caloric needs of your new metabolic requirements.


Here’s what patients are saying…

About halfway into my thirties, I started putting on about 5 pounds a year. I was sluggish, always tired – especially after my evening meal, and generally did not feel good about myself and how I looked. While going through the program with Dr. Carrie, I lost 20 lbs. I feel great, am energized! The best part is, I’ve kept it off (20 months so far!) and learned to eat more healthy foods. – Susan

I found the program in the beginning to be somewhat difficult, getting used to eating 500 calories and body adjusting to other changes. But the first couple weeks I was losing at least a pound a day. What I found beneficial: weighting self 1st thing in morning to see results, my wife participating and we supported each other, the doctors were most helpful in answering questions, making adjustments and lots of encouragement from entire staff.
I lost 20 lbs prior to having bilateral knee replacement 4-11-11. It really helped with my surgery and rehab. 8-8-11 I started program again and lost another 10 lbs. I feel great, energized and have continued chiropractic care and exercise programs to strengthen knees, increase flexibility and just feel better. I have lowered cholesterol and triglycerides.
The lab reports below tell the real results.
Feb 2011/ Sept 2011
wt: 204/177
Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio went from 4.3 to 3.6 -Doug

I have lost 7 pounds since starting the metabolic reset program 10 days ago! My husband and I are doing the program together and have had amazing discussions regarding why we eat. We are amazed at how much of our eating was tied to emotions and situations and had little to do with hunger. We feel amazing after only 10 days. Our energy levels are consistent and we have had no cravings! We are so excited to continue the process and work toward making real life style changes that promote a healthy lifestyle. – Angie

I have completed the metabolic reset program and am so thankful I did. I am the mother of 3 kids, I work full-time and my husband travels for his job so, although I value eating and living healthy, I was stuck on the treadmill of everyday craziness! I couldn’t focus on my eating because I was too busy trying to manage everyone else’s lives. I needed a program that had clear guidelines and that would show me results fairly quickly. This program met both my criteria and there was another unanticipated benefit. I learned to listen to my body more closely and to learn how it responded to various nutritional changes. Now that I am “on my own”, I am much more in tune with how to nourish my body so I can make informed choices. I am by no means perfect, but I am at a healthier weight and I feel confident in my ability to live a healthier life. – Nikki

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