IV Nutrition

The idea that the body can heal when it’s given what it needs is not a new one.  Vitamindrip Minnesota founders, Dr Chris Frykman and Dr Shamanie Thompson, have 30+ years of experience in functional medicine.  They’ve been helping people heal chronic degenerative disease, improve athletic and cognitive performance, and feel younger through lifestyle medicine for all those years.  Some of the most common issues people with health challenges face include nutrient depletion, toxicity, and an overstressed/under-rested nervous system.  Throw in an all-too-often impaired gut function on top of that and it’s no wonder we are living in a society in which people simply don’t feel their best (to say the least!)  Diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation… they’re all very useful tools in reclaiming health.  But sometimes you need more.

vitamin-dripNutrient IV therapy is a next level answer. Vitamindrip is a response to those people who despite their best intentions still find something lacking.  Maybe you can’t remember to take your supplements.  Maybe you make healthy diet changes for about 3 days until it’s time to hang out with a friend on Saturday and you throw it all out the window (but you make sure to berate yourself with the quintessential shame that goes along with a “failed diet”).  Or maybe you’re eating food and taking supplements like a champ but you’re only seeing mild improvements and you yearn for more.

Vitamindrip Minnesota is providing nutrient IV therapy which sky rockets your results.  Most people notice an effect after their first Vitamindrip.  The effects stack so you can safely continue to get more drips if you choose and you’ll feel better and better.

Our most popular formulas are Recovery, Energy, and Hydration.  We also offer powerful high dose vitamin C.

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