Explanation of Fees

To provide the best possible care for patients, Lake Pointe is a fee for service clinic.  Many insurance plans now include a HRA, HSA, or FSA in conjunction with the benefit plan. Since each plan differs, we do not have a comprehensive knowledge of what services or products your plan may decline to pay. Please check your individual plan to ensure coverage before utilizing such funds for payment as any denied payment will become patient responsibility.

Insurance Information

Chiropractic Care at Lake Pointe may be covered by your insurance plan.  Insurance only covers care to correct acute musculoskeletal injuries or complaints. Wellness or maintenance care is not covered by insurance. Fees for wellness or maintenance care or any other non-covered service is patient responsibility due at the time of service.

Information we receive from your insurance company about your plan and eligibility is not a guarantee of payment. Payment for services is a patient’s responsibility, and we highly recommend that the patient check with his or her insurance company before receiving services and be aware of any plan limitations.

In Network Insurance Plans:

  • BCBS
  • Auto Accidents
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
    • Med Risk
    • Universal Smart Corp
  • Medicare  (*Initial Exam and Extremity Adjustments are non-covered services)
  • Medicaid
  • Medical Assistance (MA-State of MN)

Please bring your most-recent insurance card and claim information to your appointment. Chiropractic patients may decide to independently submit self-pay receipts to an out of network insurance plan. Lake Pointe will only provide diagnosis codes and CPT procedure codes upon request. Any additional documentation and/or paperwork is the patient’s responsibility.

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