Energy Clearing

|What is an Energy Clearing?

Energy Clearing ServicesAs an intuitive communicator, Vickie Abernathy establishes an energetic connection, which allows her to hear, see and feel what blockages or struggles you may be experiencing. Vickie only receives information that is of pure unconditional love and empowers you, helping you to let go of stored emotions. You may not have any conscious memory of these stored energies and/or emotions, or they may not be yours at all. When your energy level is low or there is a blockage of energy flow, dis-ease develops. By re-establishing the natural flow of energy, healing can take place as you to let go of blockages. This allows you to positively move forward with your journey and your life. Vickie teaches you how to connect with your energy systems so you can have a happier, healthier life. These sessions bring clarity and direction when you’re feeling blocked, shut down or needing support with your day-to-day life. Office appointments are one hour.

|Distant Healing Sessions/Telephone Readings

These are very much the same as an in person healing session. Vickie connects energetically and is allowed to hear, see and feel what is going on with you or your loved ones.  Vickie is able to connect with infants, children and those that are not able to speak, which has proven very beneficial for the families of those that are hospitalized or injured and need answers and reassurance on what is taking place right now. This session is very effective when you or a loved one is challenged or unable to tell you what is going on physically or emotionally.

Telephone Readings are very similar to both the above – Vickie connects energetically and is able to hear, see and feel what is going on with you. In these sessions she also connects receiving messages of love, wisdom and healing from the angelic realms as well as from your deceased loves ones and friends, so she is able to bring you messages and clarity to many unanswered questions. These sessions are also very healing and allow you to move forward on your journey. Session Length: One Hour

To set up an appointment for a telephone session, contact Vickie: (612) 210-2316

|Classes and Retreats

As master teacher, Vickie also has four levels of classes she teaches. These classes focus on chakras, energy fields, balancing, grounding, clearing, meditation and listening to your body.

Each year, Vickie hosts a women’s retreat in the Brainerd area. During this weekend away, women come together to heal, relax, laugh and learn. This retreat is a powerful and tremendously healing experience for all who attend.