You may think that if you look fit and feel pretty good overall, that your body is healthy and there’s nothing you need to change to become even healthier.

The truth is: you can’t always tell what’s truly going on just by the way you look and feel.

Case Study

A patient of ours recently came into the office for a Wellness Evaluation. Since our Wellness Evaluation is a quick snapshot of a few of your body’s key markers, it’s a great first step into integrating Functional Medicine into your care plan and understanding where your body is health-wise right now.

The patient thought he was in good health because he considered himself skinny and had no health issues that he’s aware of—even though he indulges in chewing tobacco, drinks alcohol frequently, and pays mild attention to his diet.

Dr. Chad ran the following Wellness Evaluation tests for him:

  • Toxin and Inflammation Markers
  • Body Composition
  • Hydration Status
  • Body’s Mineral Status and pH Balance

When the results came back, most tests scored in the marginal to poor zone, which tells us that his lifestyle is affecting his ability to perform optimally.

Although this patient looked great on the outside and had a healthy workout regimen, his internal health was suffering because of his lifestyle. Dr. Chad likened it to a car looking great on the outside, but needing extra care under the hood to get everything running smoothly. The patient is now focusing on eating more vegetables, beginning a vitamin regimen, and decreasing tobacco and alcohol use.

After several weeks on this new healthy regimen, the patient will come back in for new readings to see the progress they’ve made.

Give us a call to ask any questions about the Wellness Evaluation, how it can help you, or to book your appointment! (612) 922-8100

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