For the month of May, we’re focusing on ways you can nourish and hydrate your body to improve your overall health. One of the most important ways to improve your health is to understand how the building blocks of our bodies work: our cells. Everyone has trillions of cells that crave the right nutrients so they can function properly and be less prone to damage.

There are a few triggers that will adversely affect your cellular health. Smoking, excessive sun exposure, poor diet, stress, and pollution can all damage your cells and affect your health negatively. By cutting down or removing these triggers from your lifestyle, you’ll already be on your way to better cellular health.

Symptoms of Damaged Cells

How do you know if your cells are damaged or fatigued? The following are signs that you’re experiencing cell damage:

  • Tiredness or Low Energy
  • Weight Gain
  • Heart Disease
  • Headaches
  • Restless Sleep
  • Depression
  • Vision Loss
  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • Cancer
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The best way to test your cellular health is a combination of the following tests: antioxidant scan, omega quant and BIA test. Stop guessing, start measuring!

We’ve put together a great list of ways you can help prevent cell damage by being mindful of how you’re nourishing and hydrating your body.

1. Develop a Healthy Diet
It’s no secret that your diet affects your cellular health. If you’re constantly eating processed foods, fried meats and treats, and overloading on sugar, you’re feeling the effects of starving your cells of the nutrients they need to properly function.

One great way to boost your health is simply by replacing one meal with a nutrient-packed shake. You can create your own recipe with your favorite fruits, veggies, supplements, flax, protein, and more. The Drs. at Lake Pointe love shakes and drink them daily in between seeing patients. Check out their shake recipes on this Pinterest board.

Investing in a good blender is key to making the best and most nutritious shakes. You’ll be well on your way to feeling better after your first shake, and you’ll be surprised at how hydrating and nourishing they can be with the right blend of fruits, veggies, and supplements.

2. The Lake Pointe 6 Supplements (aka Your Daily Vitamins)
We all remember taking vitamins as kids, but have you extended that habit into adulthood? As much as we try to eat smart and absorb all our vitamins straight from our food, there are just some things you’ll need to take in as supplements.

We recommend adding the following 6 supplements to your daily regimen:

Multi-vitamin/ Multi-mineral
Omega 3
Plant nutrients (Dynamic Greens)
Vitamin D

This specialized mix of 6 vitamins and supplements helps deliver fiber, support gastrointestinal health, balance your hormones, support tissue health, alkalize your body, boost energy, and reduce inflammation and stress. Quality supplements and how you’re dosing matter! Lake Pointe only recommends therapeutic grade supplements that are effective in changing your health. Don’t shortcut yourself with low quality products!

3. Filtered Water
Did you know that contaminated or polluted water can affect your cellular health? Water straight from your tap can contain a number of pollutants including miscellaneous chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides that seep into groundwater from contaminated soil. That’s why it’s vital to invest in a water filter for your home. We recommend Water Marquee filters to improve your quality of health and hydration right at home.

Have any questions about how you can best nourish and hydrate your body and improve your cellular health? Give us a call at (612) 922-8100.

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