We’re closing in on April when our focus will shift on to how to Be Hydrated. While we’re still looking at nourishment, take a moment to assess how you are feeling. What have you been taking in this month? What have you been eliminating? Have you noticed any changes? Is there anything that still needs to shift? Are you feeling nourished?

Throughout March, I’ve been focusing on trying to feed my body clean, whole foods while paying close attention to how each one affects me. Did that meal sit well with me? Did it seem to bog down my digestion or fog up my thinking? Or did it leave me satisfied and energized? How did reintroducing this food affect my digestion, mood, energy, skin? Using the Core Restore Detox as a springboard and launching into the Clean 14 was a spectacular way for me to reset and start from a clean slate. That made all the difference when trying to sort out what foods are actually nourishing me and which are draining me.  I personally found that I felt best when sticking closely to the guidelines in the Clean 14 guide, but that having a food item that was outside of the guidelines was also easier to handle if most of the time I was eating clean. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find Cadbury Mini Chocolate eggs on the dietary guidelines for the Clean 14; also unfortunately, my sister decided to stow a couple bags in the pantry… simply scandalous, but what was I to do?)

I also decided to focus on how I could better nourish my soul. I found that prayer, as always, was the absolutely most nourishing thing to keep my soul from getting sick. In a world full of darkness and uncertainty, I find it increasingly necessary to refocus and refill with God’s light and love to keep my soul and spirit alive. In conjunction with prayer, finding a balance of rest and relaxation was also on my list. For the life of me, I couldn’t get that one down this month (honest post!!!)! I had various conferences, meetings, appointments, and all the other daily this-and-that’s that fill in all of our calendars and it seemed impossible to get in bed on time. This is a point that will need more of my attention if I really want to feel wholly nourished and I plan on giving it more effort even as we exit our “Be Nourished” month. The final way I worked to nourish my soul was to dig up the deeply buried passions of my heart. What is it that really sets me on fire? What have I always wanted and never dared to pursue? I began researching ways to incorporate more music (my heartbeat) into my life. I’ve been taking voice lessons for almost 2 years now, lead worship at my church, write music, attend concerts whenever I can, and teach piano, but if I don’t schedule it in, I find it’s been weeks or months before I’ve spent time developing MY skills and enriching MY creative processes. If I want a healthy, nourished heart and soul, I have to feed it what it needs.

So on the final Friday of March 2016, what are you taking in? Discouraging news headlines, another commitment to something you aren’t committed to, another drive-through breakfast? Or are you choosing whole, healing, life-giving foods, pure love and kind words, dream pursuits, and higher callings? Find what’s nourishing.


– Natalie

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