Almonds, eggs, strawberries, garlic… good foods right? Healthy foods, wouldn’t you say? Not if you have a food sensitivity to one of them! Suddenly healthy food becomes toxic to you!

When I, as a young adult, started my journey toward healing my body and choosing better foods to support my health, it was suggested that I eliminate certain foods from my diet that were causing inflammation and feeding infections in my body. My first reaction was an incredulous, “What do I eat for breakfast?!” When you’re accustomed to horking down a few bowls of cereal before your catch the bus to your early morning job as a barista, eliminating grains doesn’t sound feasible. The response was, “Make yourself a vegetable omelet.” Riiiiight…. get up even earlier to cook myself breakfast before walking almost a half mile to the bus stop at about 6am… preposterous. However, I was sick of being sick and ready to make a change, so there I found myself flipping a beautiful golden wheel of fluffy organic egg and chopping broccoli and mushrooms to tuck into it. YUM! It was hot, it was savory, it was satisfying, and turned out that it didn’t take too much time or effort on by behalf, even so early in the morning. I was liking this new breakfast idea… until a few hours later.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know I had a slight sensitivity to eggs at the time, but as the week progressed and I continued to cook up my delicious and nutritious grain-free breakfasts, I also noticed I was feeling increasingly sick. Uh oh. I hadn’t planned on this healthy change causing me so much digestive trouble! Instead of feeling better, I was feeling worse! At first I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, but quickly made the connection: every time I had eggs for breakfast, I felt sick later in the day. So I began avoiding eggs and choosing other options for breakfast: nuts and fruit, leftovers, etc. but later I noticed other foods were beginning to irritate my system too. Now almonds were a no-no, then walnuts seemed to trigger a strong response. What was happening to me?! Soon, I thought, I won’t be able to eat anything!!!


What was happening was that while I was battling Candida overgrowth, the “kill-off” of the overgrown flora caused inflammation which led to leaky gut. Although I was trying to manage the inflammation also, I needed to focus down on it a little more to ensure it wasn’t getting out of hand. When my junctions between the cells of my gut were separated by so much inflammation, undigested food particles were allowed through (the holes in my “net” got too big allowing food molecules to leave the digestive tract and enter the blood stream) where they were tagged as “invaders.” Unfortunately, that meant that the next time my body encountered them, it recognized them and signaled for an immune response on some level. Foods that normally were nourishing were now causing me a lot of trouble!

As you follow an elimination diet during your detox, pay attention to how you feel after eating. Do certain meals leave you tired, bloated, or cause you to feel moody? Do you get indigestion from a particular food? When I eliminated many inflammatory foods from my diet, it suddenly became very clear which other foods didn’t agree with my system. At first, I couldn’t figure out why I felt so sick, but then realized the “cause and effect” role of my diet. If “good foods” have turned into “bad foods” for you, your gut just might need a little attention! Healing the gut is key to keeping the food particles where they belong (in the digestive tract where they are processed into the nutrients we need) and out of where they don’t belong (in your bloodstream where your body recognizes them as alien objects to be tagged and eliminated)! When you become sensitive or allergic to a food, even a healthy food, suddenly good nutrition turns into poor health, creating more inflammation and a cascade of other problems. If the list of foods you are sensitive to keeps growing, make sure you address inflammation, flora imbalance, and lifestyle factors that contribute to leaky gut! Don’t let healthy food become toxic to your body!

Haven’t committed to the 7-day Detox this month? Sign up and join me! All the Lake Pointe staff will be detoxing together beginning February 23rd. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of those seven days to listen in to what makes my motor hum and what makes it go “ker-clunk.” Call the office and we’ll get you set!




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