person-1357442_1920Wanna be happier? (Seriously, who doesn’t?!) Exercise! It’s that simple! Beyond the obvious physical benefits of moving our bodies, exercise harbors a host of mental and emotional health benefits that don’t get as much time in the spotlight on the many lists of accolades belonging to exercise. Exercise can help clear your mind, relieve stress and tension, release chemicals associated with positive feelings, and help with productivity.


A 2013 post by Greatist enumerates 13 mental and emotional health benefits of exercise: “Many people hit the gym or pound the pavement to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle, and of course, get a rockin’ bod, but working out has above-the-neck benefits, too. For the past decade or so, scientists have pondered how exercising can boost brain function. Regardless of age or fitness level (yup, this includes everyone from mall-walkers to marathoners), studies show that making time for exercise provides some serious mental benefits.Get inspired to exercise by reading up on these unexpected ways that working out can benefit mental health, relationships, and lead to a healthier and happier life overall.” For the full list, click here.


Want a healthier heart (physically and figuratively)? Get it pumping!


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