A major part of nourishing your body is integrating the right vitamin regimen into your daily routine.

Why should I take vitamins? Isn’t my body working the way it’s supposed to?

There are a number of essential vitamins that your body can’t get enough of simply from eating a balanced diet. Vitamin D, Ganoderma, and Omega-3 fatty acids are all examples of necessary vitamins that are difficult to integrate through diet alone.

The Lake Pointe 6

The Lake Pointe 6 is the top vitamins and supplements we recommend to each person to take regularly for a healthy, vibrant life!

Multivitamin – A multivitamin is essential to get your daily vitamins and nutrients.
Omega 3 – Taking a fish oil is crucial to brain health. Important fact: our body cannot make these on our own, we can only get it through diet or supplementation.
Probiotics – Good health usually stems from a healthy gut! Probiotics help to support a healthy gut and digestive system!
Plant Nutrients – The FDA recommends 13 servings of fruits and veggies per day. An easy way we get our servings in is through Dynamic Fruits and Greens powder which has 20+ servings of fruits and veggies in each scoop! And it tastes delicious!
Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune systems and energy levels!
Ganoderma – #1 superfood you can make part of your daily habit! We sell Ganoderma in capsule form, coffee, tea and protein shakes!

What is a MedPax?

MedPax is a customizable vitamin and supplement pack that we can design specifically for your health needs. The best part: Your MedPax will automatically be sent to you every 30 days, so you never have to worry about running out of vitamins! Taking your vitamins has never been easier!

An added bonus of using MedPax is it’s unique packaging and commitment to reducing non-renewable resources in their business practice. Their subscription method cuts down on 3-5 plastic bottles a month per person and helps reduce plastic waste polluting our oceans and bodies!

We’ve broken down our top MedPax vitamin recommendations into three levels of essentials that will help keep you healthy and feeling vibrant on any budget.

Good: Foundation Essentials

Foundation Essentials is a great option if you’re looking for a basic, pre-made vitamin pack to add to your daily routine. It includes:

*Foundation Essentials by Xymogen

  • ActivNutrients w/o Iron – Multivitamin
  • 650 EC Omega Monopure  – Omega 3
  • 30 Billion CFU ProbioMax Daily DF – Probiotic
  • D3 2000 – Vitamin D
  • Optimag 125 – Magnesium

*Dynamic Greens – Plant Nutrients
*Organo Coffee / Tea – Ganoderma

*Eligible for 20% off on March Super Wednesday!

Better: The Lake Pointe 6 MedPax

The Lake Pointe 6 MedPax was designed by the doctors at Lake Pointe to get you the best vitamin-bang for your buck, featuring their top vitamin recommendations. The difference between this level and Foundation Essentials, is that this level features vitamins with higher doses, meaning more nutrients for your body and better health support.

The Lake Pointe 6 MedPax

  • ActivNutrients (with or without iron depending on your needs) – Multivitamin
  • 1300 EC Omega Monopure – Omega 3
  • 40 Billion CFU ProbioMax Plus DF – Probiotic
  • D3 10,000 + K2 – Vitamin D

*Dynamic Greens – Plant Nutrients
*Organo Coffee / Tea – Ganoderma

*Eligible for 20% off on March Super Wednesday!

Best: The Ultimate Health MedPax

This level is designed for those of you who want to reach your maximum health potential in a completely customized vitamin package, designed by the doctors are Lake Pointe for your specific health needs. It includes:

  • A 15-minute consult to determine the best nutrients for you.
  • Custom Medpax which will likely include all of the Lake Pointe 6 PLUS supplements specific to your health needs: adrenals, joint care, injuries, allergies, cardiovascular health, brain health, hormones, etc. Price will vary depending on what you need.
  • *Custom Daily Protein Shake
  • *Dynamic Greens (Plant Nutrients)
  • *Organo Coffee / Tea (Ganoderma)

*Eligible for 20% off on March Super Wednesday!

Have any questions about these levels or customizing a MedPax? Give us a call at (612) 922-8100 to set up a helpful consult.

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