Whether you’re juggling multiple projects at work, your kids’ hectic schedules, or simply a busy person with a lot on their plate, it can be a challenge to give each task the attention it deserves.

That’s where practicing focus techniques comes in handy. Our increasingly plugged-in and connected world has us pulled in so many different directions every day that our collective ability to focus has weakened, causing us frustration, anxiety, and a sense of chaos weaving itself throughout our days.

To get yourself back on track and your mind centered, we’ve put together these 3 simple yet highly effective tips for improving focus that you can do right now.

1. Prioritize your to-do list

Our very own Dr. Chad Peckels said it perfectly in this video:

Be Focused month continues! Here is one of the ways that Dr. Chad stays focused throughout the day! What do you do to stay focused? #befocused

Posted by Lake Pointe Wellness on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

In the video, Dr. Peckels explains how he chooses to focus on one part of his day at a time instead of focusing on the day as a whole.

“If I am focusing on a hundred items, I can’t give each of those hundred items a high attention of focus. But if I consolidate down and look at these top 10 things that are right in front of me right now, I can give them all a pretty good attention to detail.”

He suggests breaking your day down into hour blocks of time, and deciding which tasks you can give your focus to and complete in that dedicated chunk of time.

2. Download a meditation app

Meditation apps are a great way to refocus throughout your day. Whether you prefer to meditate in the morning, midday, or before bed, meditation apps can help you calm your mind, filter your thoughts, and get you focused.

Headspace is a great meditation app that features 3-20 minute guided meditations on a series of diverse topics, including a specific pack called Finding Focus. The pack includes 30 guided meditations that help you with visualization and body scan techniques that will help you better focus on what you want.

Calm is another great meditation app you can try. Voted the 2017 App of the Year by Apple, Calm offers several guides including reducing anxiety, building self-esteem, and improving focus.

3. Use essential oils

Dr. Carrie’s favorite way to shift energy or clear negativity throughout her day is to use orange essential oils. She likes to put a drop or two in her hands, inhale it, and let the calming, focus-driven benefits take over.

October is “Be Focused” month at Lake Pointe! Dr. Carrie is here to share one of her favorite ways to stay focused throughout the day: Orange Essential Oil! 🍊🍊🍊#befocused #bewell

Posted by Lake Pointe Wellness on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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