Organo Success Stories

“I’m not craving caffeine the way I used to after a week on this coffee. I can drink two cups without getting jittery and I love that I can sleep after drinking a cup before bed. I am feeling great, and my blood sugar levels are the best they have been in years. I am a diabetic who hopes to get off my insulin shots soon!”
– Judy

“I train daily outside in the grass, no shirt or shoes, and I’m not aware of a single mosquito bite! Ganoderma reduces the histamine response, it’s amazing!”
– Bob

“I’ve been drinking OG coffee exclusively since April and have noticed that I have felt great, but didn’t realize how great until I ran out. During the 2 days I was out of OG, I drank regular (organic) coffee and the results were terrible. I felt anxious, was sweating for no reason and my back started hurting. Needless to say I fully understand the benefits and will make sure I never run out again!”
– Chrissy

“I have had a lot of trouble with my sleep since I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago. Most of the time, I have trouble staying asleep and invariably wake up due to joint pain before getting enough sleep. The past few years I have also experienced trouble falling asleep because my body gets achy and I cannot get comfortable enough to fall asleep – a true dilemma.
About 3 months ago I started taking the Spore Powder, a product recommended by Dr. Carrie. Within one week, I noticed the joint pain (inflammation) was slightly less than it had been. A week later, I was still finding some pain relief and I began to sleep more soundly and longer. I know that the supplement is addressing the inflammation in my body and helping me to sleep again. I don’t sleep all night yet, but I have been progressing well over time and look forward to more improvement.”
– Carla

“My husband loves both the regular coffee and latte.”

“I really enjoy the taste of OG coffee and appreciate the calming side effects. I no longer experience the coffee jitters.”

“Our kids love the hot chocolate and we love it because it’s healthy!”

“I don’t experience caffeine crashes when drinking OG coffee.”

I have been a coffee drinker since I was in my early teens; I even managed a coffee shop for about four years. I’ve always enjoyed drinking a morning brew to get me through my day, but as I grew older I had to drink coffee more frequently and in larger doses to wake up the same way that I used to.
Eventually, I started drinking 3-4 16 oz cups of coffee a day and I would always feel sick and dehydrated. I was introduced to the Organo Gold Coffee earlier this year and instead, began drinking one cup every morning.
After about 10 days of drinking Organo Gold (instead of the usual brew) I noticed I didn’t yearn for more coffee after one cup, the usual “coffee crash,” didn’t come, and I was able to stay awake without taking a nap for a whole day.
I appreciate this coffee because it gives me the exact amount of caffeine to get me through my day without dehydrating my muscles, and creating a caffeine addiction. I would suggest Organo Gold to anyone who has been drinking coffee for years, and would like a healthier alternative.
— Julia Moroles

OG/Ganoderma Testimonials

My mother in law had arthritis pain in her hands. Within 1 week of drinking the red tea at 1 cup a day, her pain was 95% gone! My daughter has suffered with canker sores and sties and after 6 weeks of being on the ganoderma, she has not had 1 sign of the viral infection! I have been working out very faithfully for 7 months and still had a little “belly fat” to lose. I was stuck and after doing ganoderma, my belly is now better than my high school figure. These are just a few testimonials in my family. I am so happy I was introduced to this treasure of the earth! Nichole

Weight Loss, Clearer Head
What a product this stuff is! I have had great improvement in my brain fog, and I would swear I am losing weight faster with this! Sleep better too!! Gotta try it folks! Mary

Better Sleep, Less Pain
My story has been great too. I started Feb 19th and on March 5th I had no aches or pains in my body. I feel young, strong and I sleep less hours, but deeper and feel great in the morning. OrganoGold coffee changed my life! Luca

Arthritis, More Energy, Better Mood
My client returned today to buy more coffee saying, “It makes me feel more alert, has given me more energy to the point of my husband asking, ” What is it with you?” And the arthritis in my hand has cleared up, I no longer get swelling or pain and I haven’t needed to take anti-inflammatories either!”

My Stepfather had a knee replacement 1yr ago and after playing golf he would really struggle to walk the next day, he said, “I walk better and have no pain after playing golf, I just feel a whole lot brighter in myself in general!”
I drank 2 OG black coffees one morning then went for a swim. Having not been in a pool for probably about a year I reckoned I’d be tiring after about 8 straight lengths, however I felt so fresh , was breathing deeply and kept going to reach 40 lengths of the pool nonstop like a fish to water!!!! This is when I realised the power of OG and looked into it further. I have now been drinking OG for over 3 months, my kids tell me I seem happier and more laid back and where I often had an achy body, gritty/down feeling and didn’t want to face the world due to an under active thyroid, I have my coffee and now feel bright and happy to enjoy my day which is a massive positive shift! Kim

My aunt Anita, who has epilepsy, just informed me yesterday that she has not had a seizure since she started taking the ganoderma capsules. Addie

Tennis Elbow
Drinking OG since Christmas has made a massive difference to my tennis elbow. Having had acupuncture on & off since August last year, this didn’t really work. OG has definitely reduced inflammation & the pain and I can use it to the maximum in classes such as body pump. I feel more alert generally too. A colleague in work has simply said she feels more alert & taller. My Mum & dad have recently started drinking it. My dad has generally suffered from knee pain after years of playing football. He’s now 71 and still goes to the gym where they now live in Spain. OG, even after the first 1-2 sachets he tried, has eased his discomfort and he feels generally more alert too. Graham

Lip Sores
My 16 year old granddaughter had been suffering for years with lip sores, after Ian Phillips spoke to Dr Bob and gave her the spore capsules her lips were totally clear of sores within a week. Norman

Leg Cramps, Hay Fever, Allergies, Sinus Problems, Migraines, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!
I have a lady in her 60s who had leg cramps for months after one week on the coffee/tea they went away, when she forgot her 2nd cup they returned!
Another lady late 30s suffered serious hay fever she hasn’t taken medication for the hay fever since drinking the coffee. She also has a deeper sleep and clearer mind.
Myself personally have found deeper sleep huge benefit, I have Hashimoto’s auto immune disease the coffee gives me up to 3 hrs of complete fatigue lifted away and I haven’t suffered a foggy head since drinking it. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist this has also been so much better. I haven’t used my inhalers like I used to. My nails which were dented and lined didn’t grow are now stronger, longer and less indented. Last week when I suffered from hives/urticaria instead of using antihistamine I had a coffee and they calmed right down. Two weeks ago I had a rather strange discharge from my nose will spare the detail but after years of sinus pain I believe the discharge was a detox process.
My husband sleeps deeper and falls asleep quicker he hasn’t suffered a migraine since drinking it, something he suffered from a lot. Maria

I have to share….if anyone needs more evidence…oh this is amazing…my ex father in law is suffering with dementia…pretty bad, can’t drive without someone in the car, gets lost, difficulty recognizing his grandchildren. I brought him a box of everything and spores, within 3 days of taking 1 spore capsule a day and drinking 1-2 cups of something…his wife was so excited because she has her husband back…a lot of his memory issues have greatly been reduced or are gone…I am shocked at how quickly it worked…and the degree at which it has helped…yes…this coffee business is amazing! Due to all the amazing testimonies I get on a daily basis…I thank God every day that my mentor Dr. BOB introduced me to this amazing opportunity. Dr. Jenn

Poison Ivy Rash
Utterly amazing story! Last year I suffered from a serious poison ivy infection/rash which, for those of you who don’t know is extremely contagious on the skin, incredibly itchy which then form into blisters on the skin, very similar to a burn. I ended up having to visit a doctor who prescribed a course of Benadryl pills.
Today, I was weeding (with gloves). When I came indoors, both arms started itching and I could see the dreaded bumps rising on my skin, obviously poison ivy rash again. I immediately (remembering what Dr Bob Rakowski had mentioned in a presentation) cracked open a GL capsule and rubbed the powder into both arms, then rubbed some organic coconut oil on top. Less than two hours later, no itching and the raised red bumps completely gone. Now I have another personal story to validate this amazing herb and I want to thank Dr R and just share this wonderful story. Sue

Sun burn
I used OG Soap on bug bites and sunburn. The bug bites stopped itching immediately after using the soap and after using it 3 times they were healed. The sunburn quickly turned to a tan and did not blister or peel. I also used it on my 6 year olds shoulders that burned a little and he was very happy. My son has extremely sensitive skin and it worked very well for him. Trish

Blood Sugar
My mom has been drinking Organo Gold Black coffee daily for about two weeks and has lowered her insulin intake during the day and completely stop taking her extra dose at night. She states she has more energy and no longer suffers from severe drops during the day. We’re excited to see what the future holds with OG.

Poision Oak
This summer I was hiking in the woods and ended up getting poison oak on my leg. For those of you who have never had poison oak before it develops as a linear rash with raised bumps that blister, produce fluid and itch like crazy for up to 3-4 weeks. I have had a few run different experiences with poison oak in the past and it would constantly itch throughout the duration of the rash unless I would constantly keep it bathed in Calamine lotion (which was only mildly effective). This time however was different. I’ve been drinking Organo Gold coffee for the last two years as well as taking the nutraceuticals fairly regularly. What was funny about this time is I first saw the rash with no itching at all! (usually you can feel the rash coming on with itching before the rash appears). It took a few days for me to feel the rash start to itch at that point I had already increased my intake of the nutraceuticals and actually would opened up one of the capsules and mixed it with a little water and would apply this directly on the rash. When I would do this I would not feel the rash itch for the rest of the day when typically in the past it would be a constant battle to keep enough Calamine lotion on to stop the itching. The Ganoderma absolutely changed my experience with poison oak and really besides maybe a time or two of itching over the 3 weeks the rash was there I didn’t even know I had it! Dr. Erik

Digestion and Liver Issues
It is not my testimony but I put a friend’s daughter Anna on the tea for digestion issues and it was helping. Diane also had a friend that is in line for a liver transplant her name is Peggy. Dec she went to the Mayo Clinic for test on her liver, she was in so much pain she was ready to be over life. She didn’t expect anything to cure her, she just wanted to get to the point that she could get the transplant. Diane got her some of Anna’s tea to see if it would help with the pain. Each of her legs weighed 100 lbs because of water. The test at the Mayo Clinic showed her number to be at a 19, in order to have the transplant the number needs to be in the 30’s I don’t know what this numbers mean but after drinking the tea now for about a month and a half she went back to the Mayo. Her number is now a 12 and she has no more pain, she lost 12 lbs of water and all she is doing is drinking the tea. Lisa

Shoulder Injury and Digestive Issues
I personally had a shoulder injury that no one could really fix. I also had digestive issues in undergrad, got desperate and went and saw a gastroenterologist. He told me my symptoms were so intermittent he didn’t know what he could do. I remember sitting in his office crying because he had no idea what was wrong with me and I felt hopeless. We scheduled a colonoscopy and I took home all the crap to take for it. I decided it wasn’t worth my time or money to “possibly” find something, so I just lived with the problem. I made a few diet changes that helped my GI issue. After I started drinking the coffee every day and had NEVER felt better. My digestive issues and my shoulder problems don’t exist anymore. My attitude, energy, and focus are the best it has ever been as well! Cheryl

This is from a lady that was scared to try, now She has to force herself to have a rest day now whereas before everyday was a rest day/bed day. She even rides her bike now and reduced all long term pain relief she is in control now her favorite is the green tea. She has now lost 10lbs. in 3 weeks…

Fibromyalgia and Heart Condition
Feeling the best I have done in a very long while since I started drinking this 2 weeks ago, I suffer with fibromyalgia and have a severe heart condition, both have improved greatly and I’m feeling happier and calmer, a great feeling of well being. The red and green tea are amazing too. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it’s a must try!! I’d even go as far to say it’s life changing! Claire

Chronic Headaches
I had chronic headaches and regular migraines, wasn’t able to sleep without waking up several times a night, was not a coffee drinker…never could get past the first sip without making a very unattractive face but I tried a cup of mocha and drink several every day now. My personal testimony is that I have not had a headache or needed an Advil since my first cup 4 months ago! Ganoderma is on a very high pedestal for this lady. Brandy

Eye Sight
Eye problems: People with psoriatic arthritis can experience eye inflammation known as conjunctivitis or iritis. This can cause blurry vision; eyes may be painful, red, and sensitive to light. My eyes have been troublesome of late, a bit blurry in the morning,
I thought there was something wrong with my new prescription (about 3 months old) but then I noticed my eyes would improve as the day went on. Yesterday I was up very early for my yearly works medical, I had enough time for my Organo Gold Black Coffee, which I drank before boarding the train. When I arrived at Glasgow’s Main Railway station (about 1 hour after rising) I stopped to check the directions, and paused to look around at all the train times, the notice boards and signs and everything was clear bright and in focus. I was amazed, I only received my supply on Tuesday evening so had a few before bed and drank 4 on Wednesday and one on Thursday morning. Part of the medical examination involved an eye test (about 9:30 am) and I am convinced I would have struggled or failed had it not been for the Organo Gold.

My energy was high and that was pretty obvious, my strength & flexibility were all good, the Dr did seem quite surprised at my results on my lung capacity test, to be honest I have just started back to my training after a bit of a lay off so I was quite surprised at the results too; as I scored above average for my age group. I am looking forward to more improvements, lets see what happens and I will keep you posted. Eddie

Fat Loss and Rejuvenation
Fantastic personal testimony. Monthly review with my PT. In Less than 4 weeks I have lost 2% per cent body fat! Gained muscle, have raised my metabolic rate, my metabolic age is 4 years younger and I’m more hydrated. I’ve not changed my diet at all, but have been drinking a minimum of 2-4 cups of OG black coffee DAILY and doing weight training twice a week…however I have been using weights for six months and just seeing the benefit now after LESS than one month using and adding into my daily routine OG coffee .love it so much.
Dr Bob Rakowski I am so amazed I’m in shock..seriously the coffee has made a HUGE difference…I can hardly believe it…no diet changes, I’m generally a healthy eater…no change in the amount of water I drink..just coffee, coffee, coffee..and lots of it. Charlotte

Faster Healing
My sixteen year old son just had all of his wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Parham suggested the Ganoderma (yellow bottle) – 3 at each meal starting the first day of surgery. He experienced NO facial swelling – thank you anti-inflammatory property! By day three he was back to normal activities and normal eating (beside the obvious hard candy and nuts, etc…). After two weeks he had a follow up with the dentist, who couldn’t believe how quickly he was healing! Karla

Weight Loss
After drinking the coffee I felt better than I had felt in a while! After a year of drinking the coffee not changing diet or exercise I have lost 8 lbs. Neile

I have a testimonial to share…this morning I was blow drying my hair and my hairdryer broke so I was using my daughter’s. Hers only has 2 settings, hot and hotter…lol. I was using a brush with metal on the end, which apparently got really hot from the heat of the blow dryer. Well needless to say, I somehow managed to burn my neck with the tip of the brush. I opened up a grape seed capsule and rubbed it on the burn and it immediately took away the burning and the red mark was completely gone in a few hours. I was totally impressed! The second picture was taken an hour after applying the OG Grape Seed Oil. Kelly

Gastric Reflux, Low Energy
Personally I did see few advantages of Ganoderma and Organo Gold coffee in general, but,
it is more my mother who saw amazing effects and the way it changed her life is amazing. She used to take 3-4 regular coffees a day and always feel tired. She used to tell me: “Sham, coffee is my drug but it’s not even helping me anymore and if I stop taking it, it would take me a week to recover from it.” She also had intense gastric reflux that negatively influenced her health in general. Since she started taking Organo Gold Latte coffees 2 times a day, she has more energy that she can use, it also reduced significantly her gastric reflux problem. Upon feeling the effects, she questioned herself on her alimentation in general and started changing her habits. She now eat healthy, drink healthy coffee and sleep like a baby. I have never seen my mother that happy with so much energy in 10 years and it is all because of Ganoderma Lucidium. Shamuel

So I have to share this about our dear 7 year old son, Caleb. He is ADHD (not officially diagnosed) at worst, extremely (and I mean extremely) ‘active’ and unfocused at best. He would do so-so while doing school work, but would get frustrated almost immediately if he wrote something incorrectly, not perfect-according-to-his standards, or couldn’t ‘do’ a math problem. In terms of his writing, he would forget to space his words, making it look like mumbo-jumbo much of the time. We certainly control his diet, have him in therapy as a support and have him on a regimen of supplementation. The ONLY thing we changed recently was we added OG Mycelium and the Ganoderma–1 cap each twice daily. The first picture is a picture of his writing the week before we started that. It’s a pretty accurate representation of what his writing would look like when he would write on his own (with no reminders from us to space his words, watch his form, etc.). The second picture is his writing just after 1 WEEK on the Mycelium and Ganoderma–with NO help from us (except how to spell ‘character.’ . And it was the same this week with his writing too. I had goosebumps. God is certainly great in this, (as He is the creator of gandoderma), but OG is too, of course. Sarah

Fever/Body Aches
Last week Thursday Zoe had body aches and fever of 101 I gave her the Ganoderma spores (capsules) 2 in the morning and then one every two hours by 7pm she said her body was no longer aching, her headache was gone and her fever was gone. Neile

Weight Loss, Lowered Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Control, Better Immunity
My personal testimony from first four months with one serving per day (on month six now) – 20 pound weight loss (no change of exercise or eating habits), lowered cholesterol 10 points to the middle range of normal, lowered blood sugars and using less insulin in pump as a result, lowered blood pressure, increased energy, better sleep. Last piece…as a teacher I am around “kid” germs on a daily basis. For the last nineteen years I have picked up every “bug” that goes through school. This past winter (since starting OG faithfully in January) I did not get any of the stomach flu’s or upper respiratory illnesses that went through school!! Being a type one diabetic, that is HUGE! No wonder I started sharing OG with others! Such an easy product to stand behind and be passionate about! I heard that Ganoderma helps your body process sugar more effectively, that became believable as I started to suspend the insulin delivery to my pump everytime I had the ganoderma on board. When that started happening it became the real deal…a diabetic using products with sugar in them and reducing blood sugars! Who would have dreamed? Karla

Blood Sugar
I have been working with Morgan for about 3 months now. He is a type 1 diabetic and we have had incredible success with modulating his blood sugar with detox and wait for it… ganoderma. I told Bob in the past that we have had success with him almost totally off of his fast acting insulin. Of course it wasn’t just ganoderma that did this for him. I have him on a whole program. But recently since I got the OG a couple weeks ago, I had him try the coffee because he has been drinking coffee this whole time (He works finance and its stressful!). He really likes the coffee and notices a lot of great effects. So the last time we talked, I actually sampled him a whole box of OG to use himself and to give some of his coworkers to try. The forwarded portion of this email shows how they liked it and what effects they noticed. Keep in mind this was just a couple days ago that I talked to him. Zach

I worked in our DC office yesterday and passed out a few packs. The people I gave a sample to were amazed! No crashes or jitters, this coffee is serious! I’m going to try and get my Boss to try a packet and see if we can get some bulk orders. Morgan

I did find that the coffee did help me sleep before, so in time I hope it gets me back to sleeping through the night again. My blood sugar went down to 108 on Wed after drinking the coffee for 6 days. I’ve never had it that low in years. But over the last couple of years it had climbed up a little each year. Average was about 150 and last week it was up at 232 to 254. After the first day of drinking the coffee my sugar level went down over 50 points. So 108 is amazing! Mark

I’m not craving caffeine the way I used to after a week on this coffee. I can drink two cups without getting jittery and I love that I can sleep after drinking a cup before bed. I am Feeling great my blood sugar levels are the best they have been in years. I am a diabetic who hopes to get off my insulin shots soon! Judy

Mosquito Bites
I train daily outside in the grass, no shirt or shoes, and I’m not aware of a single mosquito bite! Ganoderma reduces the histamine response, it’s amazing!! Dr. Bob

I know that we have shared about the soap and bug bites, but i had to share again. I tutor kids with dyslexia and the young man I was working with last night had a nasty, goose egg size mosquito bite on his arm and he could not leave it alone and it was very distracting. So, I had him wash his arm with the soap. He stopped itching almost immediately and we were able to continue to work very successfully. Here’s the best part of this story…before we started tutoring, before I notices his bug bite, he had asked me to give him another sample of that soap for his grandma. Last week I shared some samples of coffee and a small bar of soap with his mother ~ he was so confident in the soap that he told his grandma about it without even trying it! Now that he has tried it, I better have a case on hand for him to deliver! Too bad he’s only 9! Jackie

I have a personal testimonial that took place this evening. Our daughter who is 1 1/2 years old got bitten multiple times by Mosquitos. I’d say at least 6-8 bites and some were worse than others. We didn’t have anything to give her so we gave her a cup of the Coco Mocho and nothing else. About an hour later all of her mosquito bites were gone!!!! We could not believe how quickly the Ganoderma worked.
Richard and Veronica

I was involved in a car accident and I went to a chiropractor. She got me back to feeling good after a couple of months. But then my pain returned and I went back to my doctor. She suggested I have an MRI of my brain done. The results came back with beginning stages of MS. I was always tired and my back would burn. My back would burn from side to side. I could not sit up or stand upright for too long. I would have to take breaks, go sit down on the couch or even go to bed and rest. I would take my kids to school and return home feeling exhausted. After being introduced to Organo Gold coffee, I have restored energy. I even started massaging again. It feels great to be able to do things again and not be in so much pain. I was drinking a cup of black coffee daily. I was not a coffee drinker and my Dr. had limited my sugar intake when she changed my diet to help me also. I would put 4oz of water and mix the coffee and then add chocolate almond milk. Addie

Increased pressure in Brain/Migraines
My name is Chloe Huettel and I am 21 years old. In February of 2014 I went down at work and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had multiple CAT scans done and X-rays to see if I slipped a disk, and I was sent home, this had started my journey, and little did I know I would be bed bound for 100 days. I lost my balance and walked around with a walker so I wouldn’t fall, I couldn’t do anything for myself. I was in and out of multiple doctors and was on multiple medications. I was absolutely miserable and could never get my migraine to go away (I have never even had the slightest headache in my life). My days consisted of waking up taking medicine, maybe eating something, sleeping, and then medicine rounds two and three. I was taking 250+ pain pills a month to keep my limbs from tingling and to keep my migraines at a manageable level, some doctors wanted to operate on my brain and get a cyst out while others piled on more medicines. Once I finally was able to get a true diagnosis of psuedotumor cerebri they got me off all my pain meds and I was just talking an Aleve and my brain diuretic everyday. I was supposed to stay on this medicine till at least September when I am to have my follow up. I was able to somewhat have my life back on the diuretic, but then I started to go to the OG coffee meetings again with my aunt given by Dr. Jenn, I was drinking the coffee everyday for almost 3 weeks until I realized I hadn’t taken any trace of medicine for two weeks. I was even feeling so great that I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months and was able to do a 40 minuet cardio workout. OG has given me not only my energy back, and taken away my aches pains and migraines, but these products have given me my life back and no longer dependent on pharmaceuticals. I was drinking black, mocha or latte, kinda whatever I felt like that day. No capsules, but I drank 3 cups a day and some green tea to help detox my body. I have been back working 40 hours a week on the beach. Chloe

My friend Tiffany who just joined my team has been drinking it for 4 days maybe 5 and taking one of the capsules of Ganoderma Lucidum everyday and she hasn’t woken up with an allergy headache in a week. She normally did everyday. She now started mixing it in her dog’s water too! Chloe

PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
It turns out I now have my own personal testimonial !.. Even though I have taken care of myself for years, I have polycystic kidney disease and a couple of years ago, I had shown multiple cysts (6) on both kidneys with one massive one. Without really changing my nutritional protocols or lifestyle I do drink probably 3-4 cups of king of coffee per day.. for about 1 year now.. I just had another check-up ultrasound and I was shocked. I still have my massive cysts on my right kidney but I can’t say It’s polycystic anymore.. that is the only one left! yay.. I didnt’ think I would have anything personal to say since I am overall in good health and even though all the research show ganoderma is healthy for kidneys it never crossed my mind I would be a walking testimonial. Dr. Olivia

I had the most awesome thing happen yesterday. A friend of mine had been struggling with her son he has ADD and she did everything she could do special food diet, meds but he was miserable she agreed to try some Ganoderma and Mycelium for him since it is known to help. She started in end of July and was taking it herself as she said she was feeling great she wasn’t sure it was working but he kept telling her I like this mom and he did not want meds. So she continued the course she sat down with him and noticed something she had not seen:

She said”He has NEVER written this neat. I can actually read it. ” I replied that’s amazing she said” I know, and he just acts so encouraged. ” she was elated and knows God finally answered her prayers. Amazing!!! Neile

Faster Healing Following Surgery
I introduced the products to my sister, who is a Type I diabetic. She began Ganoderma pills during the last months of her first pregnancy. Her recovery from an emergency c-section delivery of her first son was faster than expected, especially for a diabetic. Her scars had healed at double the rate anticipated and the lining of her uterus had returned to it’s pre-pregnancy thickness. This was a wonderful blessing as she quickly became pregnant with her second child only six months after delivery. Her pregnancy was blissfully uneventful but the next delivery left her with internal bleeding and excessive bruising. Her hemoglobin levels had plummeted four points and she was told a blood transfusion would be necessary or it would be years for the levels to return. She decided against the transfusion and in a nine week post deliver checkup was given the news her levels had already reached what they were pre-surgery. She enjoys the latte for beverage and considers it a mainstay for her energy in keeping up with two boys under the age of two!

LAM (Lung Cysts)
My other sister at age 26 was diagnosed with a rare disease called LAM, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. This causes the lining of the lungs to form cysts and thickened tissue, limiting the oxygen intake, which leaves her winded and gasping after only moments of exertion. She was told she had the lung capacity of an 80+ year old. Prognosis is typically 7-10 years after being diagnosed. Since starting her on the Spores and Black Coffee, her lung capacity has been increasing slightly. She has managed to maintain her home and care of three young children with only concentrated oxygen at nights. In her most recent review during a four month check, her lung specialists in Denver commented that her quality of life “amazed” them and that she continued reaching higher scores and living without 24 hour oxygen.

Headaches/Menstrual Pain
My own personal benefits from drinking the beverages, such as fewer headaches, lessened menstrual pain and increased alertness, would be plenty to warrant continuing my relationship with the product. While my sisters take more measures to achieve health beyond the OG products, there is one similarity between them. The applicable research behind the herb and the constant surpassing of the greatest expectations set before them moves then into a category of individuals who are literally defying the odds that the medical community keeps setting before them. They are a blessing to me on every level and I feel humbled that one chance encounter with a remarkable product line has changed all of our lives, for the better.

Lymes Disease
I have been treating my Lyme Disease holistically for the last two years. I started drinking the OG green tea and Black Noir coffee in January 2014. A couple months ago I switched to The King of Coffee and as of last month I am completely clear of Lyme. I can honestly say I have never felt better!! Susan

Spinal Fractures
Last year, before I was introduced to the coffee, I was walking with a stick due to spinal compression fractures causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. I started drinking the coffee daily in April 2014 and within 3 weeks, I felt so much better and no longer needed the stick for support. I drink black coffee daily (two or three cups), also red tea, and a hot chocolate, most evenings. I have an OG black coffee first thing in the morning before going for a brisk walk with my dog. The coffee helps by giving my an energy boost and mental focus and as a result of this I have noticed a reduction in my blood pressure and have a general feeling of wellbeing I haven’t felt for a long time. Celia

Pet Testimonials:
I have a rabbit I raised from the wild who is now 5 years old. He has had bleeding in his urine for over 3 weeks. I took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics, thinking he had an infection or food allergy. I eliminated foods and used all the antibiotics. He was still bleeding off and on the whole time. I started him on OG Ganoderma capsules, I sprinkled it on his food. Well, it worked immediately over night! Today after his second dose, there’s no bleeding and kidneys are perfect! I’m so happy and relieved, praise God! Jaci

My dog had a fatty tumor the size of a grapefruit. I started him on OG Ganoderma capsules, 2 per day, and after about 2 weeks, the tumor is now about ½ the size! Dr. Jenn

My dog, pembroke welsh corgi, has seasonal type allergies which cause his skin to itch. He has had to be put on prednisone every fall for several years. I started him in February. So far, keeping it controlled with ganoderma supplement. Two a day right now, 1 am, 1 pm. May go to three a day as this is when the tough time begins. In addition, he is more playful, healthier coat.

Our female has back/hip issues, was having trouble going up and down stairs. That has improved considerably since starting her. One of her tricks is to dance on her back legs. She hasn’t done that for several months and our daughter just showed me this weekend that she is dancing again.
Student of mine has a dog, had hair loss and itchy skin. Took it to the vet, spent hundreds of dollars with no improvements. Started ganoderma in May and has had considerable improvements already. Beth

My dog got a hold of the GANODERMA pills. He ate the whole bottle and I noticed his hair was growing like crazy! Angela

I give one spore a day to my 5 year old cat, it has cleared up her conjunctivitis and her coat is thicker and shinier. I give them to her by opening them up. At first, she wasn’t sure if she liked it now she licks the spore powder off the top! Hannah