Metabolic Reset Success Stories

I have made such a great impact on my health through the Metabolic Reset program at Lake Pointe Wellness. The program allowed me to lose weight and develop new habits at the same time. Because of the individualized approach I have been able to create a new, healthy lifestyle that includes me having more energy, little joint pain and even jumping on trampolines with my 7 year old. With the support of Dr. Carrie, Jala and the whole Lake Pointe team I have maintained my health and know that is a long term change.  
– Lisa P.

I have completed the Metabolic Reset Program and am so thankful I did. I am the mother of 3 kids, I work full-time and my husband travels for his job so, although I value eating and living healthy, I was stuck on the treadmill of everyday craziness! I couldn’t focus on my eating because I was too busy trying to manage everyone else’s lives. I needed a program that had clear guidelines and that would show me results fairly quickly. This program met both my criteria and there was another unanticipated benefit. I learned to listen to my body more closely and to learn how it responded to various nutritional changes. Now that I am “on my own”, I am much more in tune with how to nourish my body so I can make informed choices. I am by no means perfect, but I am at a healthier weight and I feel confident in my ability to live a healthier life.  
– Nikki A.

“I had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for months and was really frustrated and was feeling tough (migraines, lack of energy, body aches). Jeff, my husband was in a similar situation where he had been trying to lose weight, eating unhealthy and lacked energy.  We decided to try the Metabolic Reset program together.  Doing the program together made it so much easier in that we would meal plan together, hold each other accountable and celebrate the successes with each other.  It was super motivating to step on the scale every morning and see our weight down.  We looked forward to our weekly meetings in the office to get our measurements and BIA measured and appreciated the guidance (and recipes) we received each week.   During the program our energy level improved dramatically, the body aches went away and I haven’t had a migraine since February (before I started).  During phase I and II we learned how to clean up our eating as well as which foods didn’t agree with our bodies.   I learned that gluten and refined sugars really make me feel sluggish and bloated and try to avoid them.  I lost 23 pounds and Jeff lost 47!!
– Stacy L.
I have completed my first round of Phase 1 & 2 of the Metabolic Reset program at Lake Pointe. I was surprised how easy it was to stick with it and to see the results. I wanted to do this for health reasons more so than to lose weight. I was very successful with both though as they go hand in hand. I am already enjoying the benefits from this and I plan to do another round of the reset to help get my numbers and weight into better ranges. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested!!
— Christine B.

Choosing the metobolic reset program with Dr. Jessica and her staff has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I lost 36 lbs during phase one and even lost 5 more lbs during phase two. No diet I have ever been on has shown me such fast results. I also feel amazing, not just from losing the weight but also from eating better and the detox effects that come with that. My metabolism has been reset and I’ve acquired a taste for healthier foods which has helped me keep all of the weight off as the program has ended. I am a very picky person. I HIGHLY recommend anyone considering this program to 100% DO IT! You will not regret it!
— Ken L.

After a long time struggle with weight I had made changes and had transformed my eating, thinking and my body. I had the support of Lakepoint all along my journey. When I heard about the Met Reset I had been at a plateau and Dr. Carrie told me with the great changes I had already made that I would be an excellent candidate. She was right. I committed to the program and lost 20+ pounds which I have kept off. While the calories were low I was still able to keep up my strength and cardio routine. The docs and staff at Lakepoint were instrumental at encouraging me and tweaking things along the way to help me succeed. I’d recommend the program to anyone who has struggled and wants to make positive and lasting changes to their health.
Go for it and enjoy the rewards!
— Elizabeth C.

I completed the Metabolic Reset Program under the care of Dr. Jessica Peterson and I lost 25 pounds over the course of approximately six weeks. The materials I received prior to the start of the program were very informative and helped me understand what to expect.
Eating only 500 calories a day sounds pretty painful. In reality, while it was admittedly a challenge to change my eating habits, it was fine and I was rarely hungry. There are lots of recipes to mix up what you’re eating on a daily basis so it’s never boring. And the booklet gives good suggestions on how to stay satisfied by offering substitutes to common cravings.
The best part was the almost daily visible progress. The scale moved just about every day, and when I went for weekly measuring, I was amazed by the inches I was losing. This alone was motivation enough to keep going even when I got frustrated or wanted to give up. In addition, Jessica was extremely supportive and always available to answer questions and help me stay on track.
I absolutely recommend this program for fast, safe and sustainable weight loss.
— Jeannie B

My name is Angie and I have lost 7 pounds since starting the metabolic reset program 10 day ago! My husband and I are doing the program together and have had amazing discussions regarding why we eat. We are amazed at how much of our eating was tied to emotions and situations and had little to do with hunger. We feel amazing after only 10 days. Our energy levels are consistent and we have had no cravings! We are so excited to continue the process and work toward making real life style changes that promote a healthy lifestyle.
— Angie

The Met Reset changed my life. The program at Lakepointe not only re-taught me how to eat, it altered the way I value my health. I lost 40 pounds over the course of the program, which vastly improved the way I feel both physically and emotionally. For years I had back pain and poor posture because of my weight. I no longer have back pain and my ankles are finally pain-free on the basketball court! I have easily maintained my new weight for 6 months and feel fantastic. I learned how to make changes in my lifestyle and feel confident I can continue to make healthier choice for years to come!
— Joe P

The Metabolic Reset Program was overall a good experience for me.
Losing weight can be very challenging and an emotional process.
I will admit, Phase 1 of the program was very challenging for me at first.  What helped a lot is that I saw immediate results and was determined, I would have even said “desperate”.  I had gained 20 pounds following induced menopause from chemo therapy.  It doesn’t sound like a lot to some people but it’s all relative.  I felt bad physically and emotionally.  My clothes didn’t fit.  I’m short with not a lot places for extra weight.  I had tried various things for 1 1/2 years.
Dr . Jessica helped me break thru a few layers such as:  her overall knowledge of nutrition, improving some of my blood counts following chemo, resetting my very “stuck” metabolism, supporting and encouraging me throughout the entire program.  I like how the program is designed.  Maintaining my weight and holding on to the tools is what I’m focusing on now in this new year.  I like that Dr. Jess continues to be there as needed.

I have held off writing this email because, quite honestly, the results of the Metabolic reset were too good to be true. It has been six months since I finished the program and in weighing myself this morning, I am at the same point I was after finishing the reset. I started this program with a mountain of skepticism. Too good to be true and certainly not sustainable, is what I thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In the 40 day reset I lost 37 pounds! What was more impressive than the weight loss, was what this program has done for my mental wellness. Certainly, my confidence is up, after all 37 pounds is a lot of weight. But more importantly this program has completely reshaped my whole mindset around my eating habits. As a 38 year old businessman, the program forced me during my busy schedule to take a hard look at my habits and the reasons I was choosing to eat.  What I learned, was the true value of themetabolic reset. I am so much more aware of my tendencies and habits and am able to more easily manage life’s situations. Thank you so much for the support throughout this process. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to walk with me on this life changing journey!