Functional Medicine Success Stories

Here’s what our clients have to say about Nutritional Programs at Lake Pointe Wellness.

“My husband and I first started drinking the Metagenics shakes during detoxes. They made us feel so good, we have incorporated them into our daily routine. Every morning we start our day with a shake and a scoop of Dynamic Greens. Our kids, 2yrs and 5yrs, drink the Ultrameal for Kids plus Dynamic Greens every day too!
My husband and son have skin issues and these products help to keep the inflammation down and their skin clear too!”
— T

A year ago, my yoga teacher Catherine suggested I further my search for better wellness by going to Lake Pointe. Little did I know that this was to be the best investment for my health I have ever made!  I knew yoga was doing great things for me, but I felt there was more my body needed in terms of nutrition. I felt tired a lot of the time and just couldn’t find the energy my teaching job required each day. I felt worn out and stressed. I was referred to Dr. Carrie to start with a Functional Physical. This process was not only informative, but life changing. Because of Dr. Carrie’s thorough, intelligent evaluation, we came up with a plan including supplements to help my body rid toxins and heal. The results were immediate! By the time I returned to see Dr. Carrie in one month, my numbers were drastically improved and I felt so much better! I continue to check in with her to see what other steps I can be taking to improve my most important asset-my health. I am so very grateful for Dr. Carrie and the entire team of professionals at Lake Pointe.
— Edie