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Dr. Carrie and Dr. Jessica just spent the weekend in Houston learning the most recent applications for advanced in-office diagnostics. They are excited to put their knowledge into action this Monday morning and offer you the best testing and research to advance your health.

Lake Pointe’s BioChemical Evaluation is a comprehensive urine, saliva, and blood test that measures 40 different markers to assess the health and function of every cell in your body.

Compared to a standard medical physical that tests for disease, our functional physical gives you the information you need to heal your body and prevent disease.

Our testing is highly scientific and is backed by the most current research. Individualized protocols are created for each patient based on your results and goals.

The latest research shows a 17 to 1 return on investment for ever dollar spent on your health. Invest wisely!

Make your health a priority and schedule today.

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