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Truly Happy Hour

Acupuncture + Reiki Healing

Join us for a night of rejuvenation & renewal!

Ear Acupuncture (Auricular Acupuncture) is a modality of Chinese Medicine that involves the gentle insertion of very fine, disposable needles in specific points on the ears. Ear Acupuncture is used to improve the body’s flow of vital life energy (Qi), to promote healing and restore balance to the body and mind while also offering a true moment of relaxation.

Rei Ki, a gentle and relaxing method of hands on healing that draws on universal life energy (Ki or Qi) also powerfully promotes healing and a balance of the body, mind, and heart. It can be an opportunity to “let go” and enjoy the experience of being nurtured and cared for. Both Ear Acupuncture and Rei Ki can alleviate stress, release painful muscle tension, relieve anxiety, promote restful sleep, aid in healing, and move us towards a deep relaxation.

Join Jalashree Pradhan, LAc and Reiki Practitioner & Diane Pyle, RYT and Reiki Practitioner for this special night!green lotus clip art

Tuesday, June 21st

6:00pm – 7:15pm.

$30/ per person

Please bring a yoga mat & pillow, wear loose, comfortable clothing & arrive 10 minutes early to settle in.  We look forward to spending this evening with you!

How Vaccinations Affect Your Child’s Immune System.  Part 1 & Part 2.

baby Presented by: Dr.Brian Boyd Adverse reactions to vaccines are increasingly prevalent.   Attend this educational seminar to make an informed decision and protect the health of your children.  Recent discoveries on how the immune system functions are shedding new light on the long-term effects of vaccinations. This information is vital in helping you make the most informed decisions concerning your child’s health.  This class is offered in two parts as described below.  Although it would be of benefit to have an understanding how how the immune system and vaccines work when going through the specific vaccines in Part 2, it is not necessary to take the classes in sequential order.   Location:  Y-Chiropractic – 10700 W. Hwy. 55, Suite 100- Plymouth, MN 55441 Cost per class:  $20 single class/$40 for both classes – spouse or significant other- Free.  $10 per class if taken class previously. Pre-registration is required as space is limited.  To register, call Y-Chiropractic at 763.543.9080 Part 1:  Do Vaccination Work and How Do They Affect Your Child’s Health?  Part 2:  The Childhood Vaccines and the Diseases They Are Designed to Protect Against.

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