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Eat-In Begins  April 7, 2013

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I pledge to
take back my kitchen,
to create a healthy 
home cooked meal
and enjoy it with
those I love.

No More MSG

Hidden MSG in your food?

no more msg

By: Dr. Frank Lipman

To create and sustain health, feeding the body properly is absolutely essential – which is why I advise my patients to eliminate all processed foods. Why is this so critically important? Because virtually all processed foods are loaded with bad-for-the-body additives that wreak havoc on your health. Topping the charts of dangerous additives is the deservedly maligned MSG, (monosodium glutamate), a known carcinogen, endocrine disrupter and killer of brain cells, which may also be linked to the development of cardiac problems, kidney problems, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease to name a few. Any wonder why feel I must spread the word on this devastating toxin millions of people eat every day?

To follow are a few key points everyone needs to know about MSG – which I hope will inspire you to jettison the stuff from your pantry, fridge and ultimately, your life:

Not Feeling So Good?

Processed foods fill the body with additives. Whole foods don’t. MSG, which is found in an estimated 80% of processed foods, sets off a variety of adverse reactions such as skin rashes, headaches, moodiness, irritability, IBS, heart palpitations, depression and more, depending on your tolerance. How fast and hard you get hit by these problems depends on your ability to tolerate it, but regardless, eating foods laced with MSG are devastating to your organs. In short, MSG has the ability to make people feel lousy in the short term and potentially, very, very sick in the long-term. Whole, unprocessed foods have the opposite effect. The choice is yours.

Do It Yourself

The simplest way to keep MSG off your plate? Cook for yourself. Keep restaurant meals to a minimum and eliminate processed foods. In other words, take control of your ingredients and what goes on your plate. Most restaurant meals are flavor “enhanced” with MSG, as are virtually all processed foods, so the more you cook for yourself, the fewer additives you’ll be dumping into your bloodstream. Assemble your meals from fresh, whole foods, veggies and fruits, unprocessed and uncut to ensure you’re eating MSG-free.

What Did You Say Your Name Was?

Chances are, if you saw MSG on the label, you’d put it right back on the shelf and keep walking. Food processers know this, so it’s rare that you’ll see the actual phrase “MSG” on a label. Instead, they hide the evidence by making MSG difficult to identify. Also known as glutamate (the chemical in monosodium glutamate), MSG often lurks behind murky phrases like “natural ingredients,” “natural seasonings, ” “natural flavors,” or specific ones that don’t easily reveal the presence of MSG, such as maltodextrin, gelatin, glutamic acid, citric acid, hydrolyzed yeast, protein isolate, textured protein, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), soy protein extract, autolyzed plant protein, autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate  and modified corn starch to name a few. As the FDA doesn’t consider glutamate hazardous to eat, it’s easy for food processors to blur the presence of MSG, making it nearly impossible for the average consumer to recognize.

“No Added MSG” Doesn’t Mean MSG-free

Even more absurd is the loophole that allows processed foods to be marked “no added MSG,” or “contains no MSG,” even though they still contain glutamate, the chemical in MSG. While it may seem like hair-splitting, the phrases “no added MSG,” “contains no MSG,” and even “MSG-free” are by no means a guarantee that glutamate isn’t in the processed foods you buy. Even some processed organic foods are guilty of hiding the nasty stuff. In many cases, a close label-reading will turn up glutamate here too, so my advice is to skip all processed foods, organic or otherwise.

Shop Like A Sleuth

If you must eat the occasional processed food, look for items with no more than 3-to-5 ingredients on the label, and be sure each ingredient is an actual food or specific spice, not a blend of chemical additives. Also, when you go to the supermarket, take along a copy of Truth In Labeling’s comprehensive guide to the names of ingredients that contain MSG. You can download a PDF from www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources_printable.pdf . For a more in-depth examination of MSG’s impact on your health, take a look at Dr. Russell Blaylock’s excellent book ‘Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills’ – you’ll never look at processed foods the same way again!

Toxic Free Summer

10 Steps to a Homemade, Toxin-Free Manicure!

nail polish


We all know how harmful the products we use can be for our general health, and nail polish is one of the worst offenders. Not to mention the preservatives and additional chemicals in the lotions and scrubs we use to keep our nails looking sexy. Fortunately, when we make products ourselves, we know exactly what is in them and can stay away from known carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Try out this step-by-step guide to an at-home summer manicure that is completely toxin-free, and rest easy knowing you did it all on your own. Before you start, look below for easy ways to make at-home sugar scrubs, nail soaks, cuticle cream and body lotion. Try out the recipes and get started on your DIY makeover today!

You will need:
A nail file
Cuticle sticks
Cuticle clippers
Your non-toxic polish of choice
Your homemade nail soak
Your homemade sugar scrub
Your homemade cuticle cream
Your homemade vanilla body lotion
A clean towel
Nail polish remover and a flat brush

1. Shape Your Nails
You want to shape your nails when they are dry to get the best effect. Choose which nail shape you like best and use a picture to get started. If you have one or two fingers with nails that have broken, file all the rest down to that length to create an even look. File the nails from the corners to the center, using inward strokes. Stay away from the sides of your nails as this increases the risk of breakage and changes the shape of your natural nail bed.

2. Soak Hands
It’s time to break out the first of your at-home recipes for your hand soak. You can make a hand soak with several different kinds of ingredients, or with some simple non-toxic soap and water if you want to save time and money. Soak your hands for about 10 minutes. Here is a great recipe for a super-moisturizing nail soak:
– 2 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers
– 5 drips lavender oil (you can use any essential oils you like)
– 1 teaspoon almond oil
Steep the flowers in enough water to fill a medium soaking bowl, strain out the flowers, and add the oil.

3. Apply Cuticle Oil and Re-Soak
Before you start your manicure, prepare this wonderful cuticle oil from non-toxic DIY pro Sophie Uliano of GorgeouslyGreen.com. Rub it into your cuticles and continue soaking your hands.

4. Apply Sugar Scrub
Once your hands are soft, take them out and apply your homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate. To make the scrub, take about ½ cup of sugar and put it in a small bowl. Add olive oil until the sugar is damp. Spread over your hands and forearms and scrub.

5. Rinse
With the scrub still on, dip your hands back into the hand soak and rub until the sugar has dissolved. Finish rinsing under the faucet until your hands are completely clean.

6. Dry
Gently dry your hands with the clean towel. Rub your cuticles with edge of the towel to remove excess skin and loosen the cuticle area.

7. Push back cuticle
Use your cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticle of each nail. You can also use the stick to remove excess skin and dirt from under the nails. Be careful with cuticle trimmers. The best thing to do is leave cuticles alone as much as you can and simply use the trimmers to remove loose skin and hangnails.

8. Lotion, Lotion, Lotion
Before you start your manicure, try out this lotion recipe from Gorgeously Green so you can use a completely toxin-free moisturizer for this step. This delicious Nontoxic Vanilla Body Cream, courtesy of Sophie Uliano, is the perfect way to finish this manicure. Rub a large amount of lotion onto each hand and slowly massage it into your palms, the tops of your hands, your wrists and forearms. Take some time to massage the lotion into your cuticle area. You may even want to do a second coat on your cuticles and let the lotion sit a bit to smooth any rough patches.

9. Apply Polish
Now, for the most important part! Since you want to keep this manicure completely toxin-free, choosing the right nail polish will make all the difference. Look for brands that are water-based and free of free of DBP, formaldehyde and phalates. Check out the newest shades from popular non-toxic brands like Priti and Zoya, or grab the perfect shade of nude here in the water-based line, Suncoat. Clean your nails thoroughly with a towel to wipe off the lotion before you start painting. Go ahead and use a nail polish remover to remove excess paint around your cuticles (the pros do this with a flat brush dipped in remover), because that’s the best way to get that unwanted polish off and create a clean, professional look.

10. Let Nails Dry
Make sure not to let all your hard work go to waste, and take the time to let your nails dry fully before you head out to grab a coffee or start folding laundry. If you have a small self-standing fan, you can place your nails in front of it to speed up the process. Also, try to paint with thin coats to shorten drying time.

Jemima Lopez is a freelance blogger and writer who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning and best online colleges. 

Natural Foods Buying Club!

Buying Club in South Minneapolis!

fridgeCheck out Dr. Jessica’s fridge after her buying club delivery.  It happens every other Tuesday and provides many of the healthy foods she uses to make healthy meals for her family. And since it’s a working co-op, she saves an average of 30%.  You get to choose what you want to order each time – no surprise CSA boxes (although those are great too)!  If you’re interested in joining, a new branch just opened in South Minneapolis and has room for 15 more members.

Feel free to check out their website ahttp://www.naturalfamilybuyingclub.org/.

 Buying Club Members take turns sorting produce (approx 3 times) and delivering produce (approx 6 times) throughout the year on Tuesday mornings.  This investment of time is central to the success of the Buying Club and is what allows us to access fresh organic produce at very reasonable prices.

Many Thanks from Dr. Jessica

Thank you, Thank you.

dr jessica

THANK YOU  Everyone for your support, love, prayers, patience, and kindness while I recovered from my recent, and last surgery! I am fighting back and healing well, thanks to all who have helped. Your donations have been incredibly helpful in aiding my healing efforts as well as seeing the end of a few bills. My heart is filled with optimism and gratitude as this season of Spring is sure to be full of new beginnings in many wonderful ways.   I appreciate all of your encouragement in telling my story and I will be posting several new “chapters” in the coming days.

Stay tuned : ) Much love, Jessica


Improve Your Health

Lose weight.

Change your habits.

Improve your health.

scale weight loss

Lake Pointe’s Metabolic Reset Program is:

  • Science Based
  • Physician Run
  • Guided by weekly Physician check-ins
  • Individualized
  • Measureable fat loss
  • Supports Detoxification and Overall Health
  • Guided in Education for Lifestyle Changes.


Delicious Spring Recipe

Grilled Salmon with Cilantro Mint Chutney

salmon recipe

By: Dr. Mark Hyman



  1. Season salmon with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Set aside for 10 minutes.
  2. Combine all chutney ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and fragrant. Set aside.
  3. Heat a griddle, grill, or grill pan on medium-­‐high heat and place fish on grill, skin side down. Allow salmon to cook until skin is charred and fish is almost cooked through. This will take about 15 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon.
  4. Turn salmon over and grill a few more minutes, until fish is fully cooked.
  5. Remove from heat and lay skin side up on a platter. Pull skin off salmon and flip back to serve.
  6. Spread chutney on top of salmon. Serve with wedges of lemon or lime.

Magnificent Seven Lifestyle

Magnificent Seven Lifestyle

“In order to have health, you must first earn health”.  These are words of wisdom from colleague and mentor, Dr. Robert Rakowski.  He has compiled a list of seven things for health that he has termed the Magnificent Seven.  Lifestyle changes are required to be healthy.

healthy you

1. EAT RIGHT: “You are what you eat”. We need to eat foods that build our bodies up and avoid foods that tear them down.

2. DRINK RIGHT: Drinking uncontaminated water is the only way to stay properly hydrated.

3. THINK RIGHT: Continue to learn because brain neurons will die if not stimulated.

4. MOVE RIGHT: Human bodies were designed to move everyday and people who exercise regularly have healthier bodies and brains.

5. SLEEP RIGHT: Sleep restores our brain and body while poor sleep or not enough sleep increases our risk of dying.

6. POOP RIGHT: Bowel health determines body health. You need to have at least 1 easy bowel movement a day.

7. TALK RIGHT: Optimists have a 42% less death risk than pessimists. The type of energy that you hold in your body will come out of your mouth.

Healthy Weight Loss

Today is the first day of Spring, time to release the old and bring in the new!

Join the Metabolic Reset Program for quick and healthy weight loss!

men weight loss

“I started the MetReset program with a mountain of skepticism. I thought this program was ‘too good to be true,’ and certainly not sustainable, is what I thought.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  In the first 40 days of the MetReset program I lost 37lbs!  What was more impressive than the weight loss, was what the program has done for my mental wellness.  Certainly, my confidence is up after all 37lbs is a lot of weight.  But more importantly this program has completely reshaped my whole mindset around my eating habits.  As a 38 year old businessman, the program forced me during my busy schedule to take a hard look at my habits and the reasons I was choosing to eat.  What I learned, was the true value of the MetReset Program.  I am now aware of my tendencies and habits and am able to more easily mange life’s situations.  Thank you so much for the support throughout this process.  I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to walk with me on this life changing journey!” -Jason

Dirt: The Movie

Linden Hills Coop Presents:  2013 Cans Film Festival

Saturday, March 23rd.

Linden Hills Coop

3815 Sunnyside Ave

Minnepolis, MN 55410

Movie:  Dirt.

dirt movie


Films will play on a continuous loop in our community room.   Stop in anytime to watch part or all of these enlightening documentaries.

Your price of admission?  One can, box or package of healthy food donated to MN FoodShare’s March campaign.

Simply drop your donation into the bin in our vestibule before entering the community room.