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Build Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

With cold and flu season fast approaching, many of you might be busy stocking your medicine cabinets with symptom relievers and pain medicines. What about filling your shelves with herbal remedies and vitamins that will help you stay strong and healthy instead? Here are our favorite vitamins, oils, and supplements we recommend taking to stay […]

What are probiotics, exactly? Probiotics are the good bacteria living in your gut. When you take a probiotic, whether it’s a supplement or your favorite fermented food, you’re ingesting billions of live microorganisms that help keep your gut balanced, your waste system running smoothly, and your body healthy and happy. Over the past decade, study […]

Be Fertile: 5 Ways to Combat Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal balance is vital to your overall health—especially if you’re having issues with fertility. Many fertility issues—for both men and women—stem from hormones gone haywire. Hormonal imbalances can be caused by a number of different factors, from what’s on your dinner plate to your everyday stress levels. We’ve put together a great list of things […]

What It’s Like Getting A Functional Physical

What it’s like getting a Functional Physical As the new social media manager and blog writer at Lake Pointe, the doctors invited me in to experience a Functional Physical for myself so I could fully understand its purpose and process, as well as get an idea of where my health is right now. What is […]

Be Informed 2018: Why You Should Get A Wellness Evaluation

Be Informed 2018: Why You Should Get A Wellness Evaluation Most people know what a physical is from your general doctor, but most people don’t understand it! Generally, an annual medical physical only identifies if you already have a disease or severe health problems. A Wellness Evaluation dives deeper into your health to improve your […]

Then and Now…

  This past weekend the beautiful Lisa Venticinque captured lovely images of my family in a Valentine’s photo shoot.  I am so grateful for her welcoming space, patient energy, creative talent, and the opportunity to capture my family’s love.     It was two years ago that we had a similar photo shoot with Lisa. […]

Dr. Jessica’s story continues: The Week from Hell.

My life for the next week was a blur…   MONDAY: In print.  It started with an appointment that morning with my surgeon to read the report showing my biopsy results.    As I sat waiting to hear my name, I looked around at the magazines desperate to find one NOT about cancer.  I felt a […]

Recovery Room

Awakening to Cancer… So there I was before my family came into the recovery room, alone with the news that I had cancer.  I was telling myself, “get it together, Jess, stay strong.”  I just have to stay strong because this was going to be hard, really hard.  The experience of seeing my family following […]

Dr. Jessica’s story continues

Mama Bear It was the day of surgery for the lumpectomy and I felt fairly calm. What was making me nervous was the fear I could see in my husband and family’s eyes.  I felt the responsibility to reassure everyone that I would be fine. My close friend Carrie was meeting us at the hospital […]