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What It’s Like Getting A Functional Physical

What it’s like getting a Functional Physical As the new social media manager and blog writer at Lake Pointe, the doctors invited me in to experience a Functional Physical for myself so I could fully understand its purpose and process, as well as get an idea of where my health is right now. What is […]

Be Informed 2018: Why You Should Get A Wellness Evaluation

Be Informed 2018: Why You Should Get A Wellness Evaluation Most people know what a physical is from your general doctor, but most people don’t understand it! Generally, an annual medical physical only identifies if you already have a disease or severe health problems. A Wellness Evaluation dives deeper into your health to improve your […]

Then and Now…

  This past weekend the beautiful Lisa Venticinque captured lovely images of my family in a Valentine’s photo shoot.  I am so grateful for her welcoming space, patient energy, creative talent, and the opportunity to capture my family’s love.     It was two years ago that we had a similar photo shoot with Lisa. […]

Dr. Jessica’s story continues: The Week from Hell.

My life for the next week was a blur…   MONDAY: In print.  It started with an appointment that morning with my surgeon to read the report showing my biopsy results.    As I sat waiting to hear my name, I looked around at the magazines desperate to find one NOT about cancer.  I felt a […]

Recovery Room

Awakening to Cancer… So there I was before my family came into the recovery room, alone with the news that I had cancer.  I was telling myself, “get it together, Jess, stay strong.”  I just have to stay strong because this was going to be hard, really hard.  The experience of seeing my family following […]

Dr. Jessica’s story continues

Mama Bear It was the day of surgery for the lumpectomy and I felt fairly calm. What was making me nervous was the fear I could see in my husband and family’s eyes.  I felt the responsibility to reassure everyone that I would be fine. My close friend Carrie was meeting us at the hospital […]

Many Thanks from Dr. Jessica

Thank you, Thank you. THANK YOU  Everyone for your support, love, prayers, patience, and kindness while I recovered from my recent, and last surgery! I am fighting back and healing well, thanks to all who have helped. Your donations have been incredibly helpful in aiding my healing efforts as well as seeing the end of […]